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Is It Time To Break Ties With Your Self Storage Company?




If you identify with any of the common issues we discuss in this article, you might want to get a contract with a different self storage company.

Self storage companies are common, but they are not all the same in what they offer. A cheap self storage facility should provide value for money, and if you feel that yours isn’t, maybe it is time for you to cut ties and move on.

Here are some common signs it is time to seek out a new self storage company asap:

Rude Staff

If you find yourself avoiding customer service contact at the company because of rude staff, or you find you’re never given a helpful answer to a query, you’re missing out. The best self storage facilities have staff who want to help you, who go out of their way to help you have the very best experience with the company. If you are a regular at the facility, why put up with  subpar customer service?

Limited Security

The best self storage companies invest in the best security for their facility because they know that above all else, their customers expect their belongings to be safe when stored there. If you aren’t impressed by the security measures at your unit and suspect it is lacking, it might be time to move on. The very least you should expect from any self storage company is safe belongings.

A Lack Of Maintenance

Do you regularly see peeling paint and cobwebs at the facility? Are there weeds around the outside, and unkempt paths and walkways? It doesn’t promote trust to see these areas aren’t being well-maintained. What’s going on in the areas you can’t see if this is what you can see?

A Lack Of Flexibility

One of the most amazing things about self storage is how flexible it is. Flexible contracts, flexible opening hours, flexible unit sizes – there’s so much room for manoeuvre for both domestic and business users. Is your current company showing a lack of flexibility? Do you find yourself annoyed by the strict opening hours? Do you wish it was easier to switch unit sizes? Modern self storage companies should offer flexibility to their customers and if you don’t get it where you are, you might want to look elsewhere.

Behind The Times

Maybe your facility uses older lock types more liable to breakage? Maybe the company you use has an old-fashioned phone system that doesn’t provide 24/7 support? Perhaps your things are liable to damage from freezing temperatures because there isn’t any climate control?

These issues show that a company is behind the times when it comes to the modern services they should be giving customers. You can get much more up to date, innovative service from a self storage company dedicated to future-proofing its operations.

Above we have listed just some of the most common signs that you need to move on from your self storage company. The fact is that your needs are unique, and what is right for one customer is not right for another. However, when it comes to value for money, everybody wants that. You deserve to have great value for money as a customer of any self storage company.

Do shop around, do ask questions and do get the very best your money can afford. When it comes to keeping your belongings safe, it’s worth only choosing the very best self-storage company to help you do that.

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