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How to Light up A Store with the Perfect LED Light Design



LED light design plays an essential role in improving the sales of stores. Light sources not only guarantee visibility but also act as a valuable marketing tool. An excellent LED lighting idea and matching can highlight the products by accentuating the colors in a natural way. This will contribute to a significant increase in the number of visitors and purchases. In addition, a well-arranged LED light design can create a pleasant atmosphere as well as the best conditions for customers to make purchases. The secret to perfect LED lighting design lies in finding the right balance between accent and general lighting.

Which LED bulbs do you use in stores?

Shop windows

A shop window is your business card. Not surprisingly, a showcase with a skillful collocation of lights and colors is more likely to attract the gaze and the curiosity of potential passers-by customers. Shop owners know this well: the visitor’s first impression of the shop window will determine his final visit. To enhance and make the most of this space, uniform lighting without flickering is recommended. Specifically, adjustable LED spotlights and track spotlights can be used to illuminate the mannequins.

Presentation of the products

80% of an environment is perceived through the sense of sight. This is why it is important to present the products for sale in the best light. Accent lighting helps to highlight specific objects or areas in a store. This type of lighting guarantees bright and clear colors and is able to attract the attention of visitors. For this purpose, we recommend spotlights with a high color rendering index (IRC): 90-99 Ra. This feature allows you to reproduce colors in a genuine way, without altering their naturalness.


For example, OBALS LED tri-color shop light is perfect to create a central or focused lighting effect with its strong efficiency and lumen. You can’t deny that the cost of lighting is really vital and this LED shop light can save you a lot of energy. Apart from a competitive wholesale price, this shop light supports various sizes as well as variable CCT and wattage. Thus it can meet the needs of the most store as an adjustable and helpful prop. Besides, its special die-casting aluminum body will add a fashionable touch to your store.


General lighting

Lighting is essential to encourage customer orientation at the store entrance. A common mistake in stores is to illuminate the entire exhibition space in the same way. What we should do instead is create contrasts. The most effective way to achieve this is through dimmable LED downlights or recessed downlights. The right combination of lights and shadows will not only help to enhance the sense of direction but also help to highlight the products you want to promote.

Warm light or cold light?

The choice of in-store color temperature is important, as it will determine the customer’s purchase of the product. In particular, depending on the type of products on sale, it is advisable to opt for a different temperature. For example, for jewelry items and for cosmetic, pharmaceutical or optical products, we recommend a cold color temperature (4000 – 4500 Kelvin). For clothing, instead, it is better to opt for a warm shade (2700-3000 Kelvin).

Now that you know the skills and tricks, you can set out to prepare your own LED light design for your store now! Note that a careful selection of your lighting is as essential as the tips above. If you haven’t got an idea yet, you may find more inspiration at Obals, an experienced manufacturer of multiple LED lighting perfect for store use. Remember to consider the actual condition of your store before making your LED light design!

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