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How to Find the Perfect Camping Spot For You




Finding that perfect camping spot is such an art! It’s not easy when you’re hunting for a new spot, especially when you’re just starting out and you’re not quite sure what makes a great location. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a bit of a newcomer to the camping scene, everyone’s been there. If you’re searching high and low for a campground to head to for your next outdoor adventure, then keep reading! Here’s how to find the best camping spot for you and your camping clan…

Do plenty of research

Before you book or buy anything, you’re going to have to spend a little time doing your homework. Researching different locations saves you so much time and hassle in the long run, so it’s well worth your while doing it. Compile a shortlist of areas that look like they’re your speed, and then do a deep dive into site availabilities, amenities and prices. Taking a look online is the perfect place to start on your hunt for the very best camping spot for you.

Ask the community

One of the very best things about getting into camping is the amazing community of friendly campers that you meet over the years! The camping community is always ready to help out with useful tips, tricks and untrodden gems. You never know, your local camper trailer trade show, online forum or campsite neighbours might just give you the down low on some of the most exciting areas, discover lake Glenbawn camping and other hidden spots are usually disclosed around the campfire!

Factor in facilities

Amenities are such a vital factor when you’re considering camping spots! This one really depends on who you’re going camping with. Younger families or big groups might need more in the area of hot showers, camp kitchens and flushing toilets, whilst super adventurous camping clans might not need these at all. If a site doesn’t have its available amenities listed then you should contact them just to make sure that the spot is going to work for you and your group. Ensure that there are options for powered campsites if you’re travelling with a camper trailer or RV, you don’t want any disasters on your hands after you made the effort to go!

When in doubt, keep it short and sweet

If you’re thinking of dabbling in a few different camping spot options and you’re not quite sure of where to go, why not consider heading down for a day or two? A short and sweet weekend away is a lovely way of experimenting with different areas and finding locations that suit you, your fellow campers and the kind of gear that you’re working with! Quick trips can turn out to be some of the most character forming and memorable experiences so you should definitely try one out if you usually opt for the long haul.

Explore outside of your comfort zone if you can

Speaking of trying out new things! The key to widening your horizons and getting new experiences is by allowing yourself to explore out of your comfort zone from time to time! Whilst getting stuck into new and unexpected trips or locations, you’re going to be discovering new things about our beautiful varied country and yourself, too!

Follow these tips to find your perfect camping spot for your upcoming camping trip! Doing your homework, being practical about facilities, connecting with your community, and opening yourself up to new experiences will lead you to some of your best outdoor adventures yet!

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