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How to Camp on a Budget?




Camping is, by nature, a very savvy and inexpensive habit to get into. Of all the vacations out there, you really can’t get any more rewarding, exciting or budget friendly than camping. As with most things, however, there are a few tricks of the trade to ensure that your upcoming camping experience is as successful and cost effective as it possibly can be. Read on to discover the best way to go about camping on a budget…

Do Your Research

First things first, you’ll need to start with some thorough research. Doing your homework before you head off ensures that you have the best time possible, so really you should be buckling down and Googling away no matter what your budget might be. Look into the different booking rates for campgrounds and create a shortlist of those that fit best with your budget. Many sites offer different deals throughout the year, so you might want to get into contact with them to discover whether you will be able to bag yourself an unexpected bargain for your next trip.

Check Out the Off Season

This is a really great tip for those who want a bargain camping experience and aren’t afraid to get stuck into some amazing winter time adventures. Campsites often offer discounted rates for off season camping. This is also perfect for campers who prefer a more serene, tranquil atmosphere. Mid summer or public holiday camping can get very busy and some sites get fully booked out, meaning that some even miss out on the opportunity to go to their ground of choice at all! Off season camping might not be for everyone, but if you revel in the cold and you’re looking to save some extra cash, then this is the tip for you.

Don’t Stray Too Far

If you’re conscious of the costs that come with long travels, then try and stay nice and local instead of straying too far! By camping close to home, you’re saving on fuel, extra travel costs, car mileage and food. You might also want to keep to short and sweet trips instead of going in for the long haul, a weekend enjoying yourself and not worrying about money is better than two weeks of underlying financial stress, after all! Keep it short and close to home to stay perfectly on budget.

Invest Within Your Means

Just because you’re tight on money doesn’t mean you have to miss out on amazing camping experiences. If you’re a serious camper and you want to commit to investing in your lifestyle, you can always set up a saving fund. Putting money away to invest in a camper trailer will give you comfort, convenience and long term returns way into the future. If a brand new model is simply unattainable for you, check out your options for second hand camper trailers. These are the perfect solution for those who are looking for a trailer, for less. 

Prepare Properly

Finally, ensure that you’re heading to your campsite properly prepared and ready for anything. Pre cooking food, buying supplies in bulk and bringing plenty of drinking water and gas will mean that you’re not caught up by any unexpected expenses when you’re actually camping. Preparedness is key to sticking to a camping budget and to an enjoyable experience overall, so it’s well worth the extra time and effort!

Follow these tips for an incredible camping trip that won’t break the bank!

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