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How to Find Good Study Abroad Programs



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Places to find good study abroad programs, international exchange programs, and semester abroad programs that transfer credits.

The decision to go abroad to further one’s education isn’t an easy step, but finding a good study abroad program can not only provide a valuable knowledge but can also enhance the experience of being an International Student.

Online Search for Degree Abroad Programs

Using Google or other search engines to find study abroad programs usually works best for finding degree abroad programs. This means students don’t have to worry about credit transfer or fitting a semester abroad into their study plan. They simply come back home with a brand new Bachelor or a Masters degree. And if they want to complete their entire education in a foreign country, there are many extremely good directories where to find interesting courses.

The most popular choice is using online directories for study abroad programs such as or You can also check scholarships at the Honor Society Foundation. Then narrowing the search based on a country or a field of study a student is interested in. Some also do a regular search, using a search engine, but in that case, it’s usually better to use more specific phrases, like “Study in Poland” or “Technical Universities in Mexico”.

Consult the Home University

When a student is interested in an International Student Exchange or maybe a Summer Semester abroad (there are many interesting Summer Schools out there), the best idea is to consult the home University before making a final choice. Every University should have an International Office or an Office of Extended Studies where students can learn about International opportunities offered by their University.

By choosing from study abroad programs offered by their home University, students can rest assured that there will be no problem transferring credits earned during the student exchange program. Additionally, if a foreign institution has a signed agreement with a student’s home university, it usually means the student doesn’t have to pay tuition at the host University and might even be eligible for a scholarship of some sort.

Even if students want to participate in an International Exchange outside of the agreements signed by their college, they still should consult their International Office to make sure there won’t be any problems with courses and credit they want to earn abroad.

Get Other Students’ Recommendations

Another great source of good study abroad programs are recommendations made by other students who already participated in international student exchange programs, or did their undergraduate studies abroad. They will not only provide information about good places to study but will also inform current students of any additional services that could be expected at the university they studied at.

For those interested in more practical tips on what to actually expect and how the facilities look like (outside of the official photos provided by the host university itself), the best travel arrangements, or whether or not the host University has any International students organizations, students who have completed their semester abroad there is the best source of information.

Finding Good Study Abroad Programs

While looking for best study abroad programs, students shouldn’t by any means limit themselves to just one of the ways listed here. Do an online search, use the resources from the home university, or ask other students for recommendations. The best results are often achieved by mixing these approaches up or even using them all. Before signing up for an International Student Exchange or a Summer School, it’s wise to have as much information as possible. But never doubt that even a short stay abroad is worth it.

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