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How To Choose The Best Halloween Rave Costume




If you want to wear anything which is perfectly appropriate then you should consider rave outfits. It’s supposed to be a fun, colorful, unique free-for-all that lets you show your true spirit. And speaking of spirits…do you have a Halloween rave coming up that you need a costume for? Whether you’re feeling angelic or spooky, there are four steps to picking the best Halloween rave costume. Here’s everything you need to know!

Step #1: Figure out Your Taste

This first thing is to consider is your taste. Just like picking your Halloween costume as a kid, you can’t go to a rave without knowing exactly what you want your vibe to be. Do you want to embody something spooky and scary for the night? How about something familiar (like a character) or colorful? It’s all about what’s comfortable for you, but this is where you have to start. Knowing your vibe can help you start to narrow down your option for rave outfits and rave accessories.

Step #2: Choose your rave outfit

There are so many options out there that you may start to get overwhelmed as you looked. You can find some of the best Halloween rave outfits at

Step #3: Find comfortable shoes

A comfortable pair of shoes is very important aspect of your dressing. At your rave, you’ll be dancing all night long. So naturally, this means you’ll want some shoes that won’t make your feet ache, but it also doesn’t mean you can’t rock a great pair of heels. It just means you should be thoughtful about the type of high heels that you select. If you’re really feeling a pair of heels, look for some sort of wedge heel or high wedge boot to make it easier to walk, and be sure to practice ahead of time. You can also opt for a pair that’s a platform. These make you taller and avoid hurting your feet – i.e. the perfect rave shoes!

Step #4: Choose your Accessories

No rave outfit would be complete without the right accessories and that goes for a good Halloween theme as well. Whether you need a good wig, false eyelashes, or lace animal ears, Rave Alien has the best options for rave accessories for EDM outfits. Don’t miss the opportunity to pull together your costume with these finishing touches!

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