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How Can The Best Sensitive Toothpaste Prevent Gum Diseases



Brushing teeth is a daily routine for everyone, and toothpaste is a necessity for every person in their everyday life. However, gum disease is quite popular among people in modern life. Here comes the question: How do you prevent gum disease? Here, I am going to walk you through the answer describing below.

What is gum diseases?

Gum disease, also called periodontal disease, is a type of illness that entails the swelling of the gingiva or periodontal, which may lead to the loss of the bones around the teeth. A case in point is gum tissue disease, which is the infection of the gums around the teeth. The primary source of gingival tissue condition is a dental plaque, which is the sticky white compound covering teeth. If not removed properly, plaque will gather and eventually form tartar under the periodontal line. 

What’re the symptoms of gum diseases?

Many symptoms indicate whether a person has gum disease. The obvious one is halitosis, which is also called bad breath. Another symptom is occasionally redness, or bleeding occurs when brushing, flossing, or eating hard food or when the gums continue to swell. Besides, gingival atrophy due to significant tooth lengthening is another sign. What’s more, the separation of gums from teeth or pockets between gums and teeth is another indicator.

How to prevent gum diseases?

Research shows that there are natural methods to treat gum disease. In addition to oral hygiene, a large intake of nutrients can also help treat and stop periodontal disease. For example, taking vitamin C and Vitamin D is a natural way of curing gum condition. Besides, using tea tree oil gel can also heal periodontal disease.

While the two ways mentioned above are taking advantage of nutrients, another practical and regular way worth mentioning is using the best sensitive toothpaste. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day is a must, and using toothpaste for sensitive gums can better deal with gum problems. Sensitive toothpaste is an oral care product that is particularly for those who have sensitivity around their gums. It aims to make it more comfortable for people with sensitive gums to take care of their teeth when brushing their teeth.

This kind of toothpaste contains some effective components, including strontium acetate, potassium phosphate and some calcium compounds, which can form insoluble substances and block dentin tubules to achieve the purpose of anti-sensitivity. While the potassium salt in the formation of insoluble substances, it can relieve the symptoms of dentin allergy by reducing the excitability of pulp nerve fibers. Moreover, toothpaste can remove the plaque on the surface effectively, and then the calculus can be hardened, which can set you free of tooth sensitivity. All in all, it can relieve the discomfort caused by sensitive gums and provide long-lasting sensitivity protection.


As you may go through previously, selecting the best sensitive toothpaste should not be overlooked. Here comes my recommendation: the best whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth in fresh tea flavor called Soothe&care Pro-Sensitive Toothpaste from DOMY. It contains tranexamic acid ingredients and no Fluoride, which can effectively protect the gums, reduce the soft scale, tooth stain, and the formation of plaque. Besides, it can strengthen the enamel, maintain healthy teeth and periodontal tissue. If insisting on using it for a long time, it can improve gum health and protect your oral health. You can rest assured that the company’s credentials speak for its high-quality products. Domy Chemical Co., Ltd. specializing in professional personal care products, is dedicated to solving the problem of modern gums. It has its own brand “Soothe&care” and has accumulated eighteen years of OEM and ODM experience. Now it becomes one of the leaders of the domestic oral care products processing industry. Hence, it is the best choice for you to pick up a toothpaste that solves the problems mentioned above.

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