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How an Intercom System with Face Recognition Makes Your Life Smarter?



“The face of Professor X was scanned and a stunning and luxurious lab opened. The place where Professor X connected with the world is right before us……” A sense of technology formed in the X-Men scene, the core technology is actually a face recognition outdoor station. If you still think this kind of scenes only exists in sci-fi movies that picture our future life, you are totally wrong. Face recognition outdoor station is right at our fingertips.

In the era of “Internet Plus” and 5G, you could be your own hero of science fiction with smart devices. Face recognition outdoor station is one of the basic intelligent devices. Nowadays, intelligent face recognition outdoor station not only renders tremendous help in people’s daily life but also cut costs for the long-term investment. Let’s take a closer look at how face recognition outdoor station sweeps the modern world.


Traditional outdoor station

For the sake of security and connection, the traditional outdoor stations have been widely used in the residents’ districts since many years ago. However, as time goes by, problems also occur. The unclear image and loud noises are always annoying, while the pressing keys might break down from time to time. The limited function could no longer fit the needs of modern people as well. That’s why the intelligent face recognition outdoor station comes into being.


Face recognition outdoor station

Face recognition is a kind of biometric recognition technology based on human face feature information. It mainly collects images or video streams containing human faces by cameras, and automatically detects and tracks human faces in the photos, then carries out a series of detailed analysis and recognition technologies for the detected faces. Once face recognition is applied to community management, the security and convenience of the community will be significantly improved.


Benefits of face recognition outdoor station

With face recognition outdoor station, not only the residents but also the community could gain a huge advantage.

1/enhance safety. People with exactly the same key or card, no matter whether it belongs to themselves or others, could open the door by the traditional outdoor station. Thus, potentials of bad guys sneaking in might still exist. Things totally changed and for the better when face recognition outdoor station comes. Since no one has the same face as yours, it could highly ensure the certain people gain access to a specific area, without letting any other else enter by mistake. For the visitors, they could also contact the residents or community center through this device.

2/improve the convenience. Face recognition system does not require owners to carry other accessory devices, such as access cards. For community residents, it is no doubt that convenience has been dramatically improved. Those owners of Airbnb house or some apartments for rent gain tremendous convenience. At the same time, the recognition efficiency of the face recognition system is higher than that of “voice recognition” and “ID card recognition”.

3/multiple methods of recognition. In particular, GVS 7-inch Outdoor Station H-OS06 coming with 10-inch indoor station have multiple ways to recognize. This advanced gadget has six different methods for a house owner to open the door. Besides face recognition, one could also use the traditional way to enter with a card or a key; the passwords access is also available. What’s more, with a related app on the phone, people could scan the QR code to get inside as well as input instant verification code.

4/convenient management. Face recognition is an intelligent system based on a cloud platform and extensive data. The necessary information of all members of the community is recorded in the cloud platform. At the same time, the cloud platform can interact with the public security system and other data. It has primary control over various groups of people and can pre-judge high-risk groups.

5/security system. The system will make a timely response when a criminal wangles his way into the community. Once dangerous persons are found, the system can simultaneously warn the community, security, police stations, and so on.


Talking about a leading manufacturer of smart face recognition outdoor stations, GVS could not be left out. Its 7 inches Outdoor StationH-OS06 is designed with attractive appearance, high-end materials, full-digital system, a top-level algorithm for face recognition, security linkage, etc. The 2-million-pixel camera ensures a faster face recognition and the outdoor picture shown on a 10.1” indoor capacitive touch screen will be much clearer. This station provides perfect integration of face recognition and supervision. Besides face recognition, it’s also equipped with a resident list function, similar to the mobile contact, which you could use to call others when necessary. The quad-core high-performance CPU also does well to ensure a reliable processing speed. Achieving high in both appearance and functions, it could definitely meet your needs and satisfy you.

Time to renew your outdoor stations and embrace a smart community. As for a start, GVS is highly recommended.

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