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Free Gifts You Can Give Or Make That Mean A Lot



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If you are strapped for cash, this article will help you make or source gifts for free that has a lot of meaning.

Sometimes gifts that cost money are not accessible to us or suitable for the occasion. That can be because we are short on cash, and it can also be because we want to give something more thoughtful to those we love.

If you would like to give a free gift to your loved one that means a lot, we have some great ideas for you to look at.

Here are a few great ideas for gifts that cost nothing but mean a lot to those who receive them:


If you are a keen indoor or outdoor gardener, then you could give your loved one a plant that you do not want or need yourself.

That is not to say that you should give them a dying ficus that you hate, or a rotting cactus that needs throwing in the bin.

Instead why not propagate them a beautiful baby Pothos, or string of hearts from your mature fully grown versions? Or do you have some spare vegetable or fruit shoots that you have grown yourself that you know they would love to nurture and care for?

These kinds of gifts can be really thoughtful if gifted to loved ones who appreciate nature in their homes or gardens.


Why not have a rummage around your cheap self storage unit to see if you have an item that you would love to give to a loved one?

Something that has a story behind it like a vintage chess set, or a beautiful piece of art could be a really lovely gift if it is presented in the right way.

This can be a nice way to give items we have had for a long time a new lease of life. Maybe your cheap self storage unit has something amazing that the shops simply wouldn’t have these days.


Do you have some skills that you know I loved one would really appreciate?

Perhaps your grandma would love to know how to use Zoom or Skype to connect with her grandchildren or old school friends more often?

 Maybe your niece would love to know how to play the guitar?

 The gift of skills and time can be much more valuable than a physical item, so if you have something to give in this way, consider offering it in a voucher form rather than buying a physical item for a special occasion.


What makes something thoughtful is knowing that the time and effort went into creating it, or organising it.

Could you plan a meal for a loved one based on their favourite things to eat and drink?

Maybe you could run them a bubble bath because you know how much they have been working recently and they could really do with a break?

What about setting them up for an afternoon of crafts because you know they haven’t had the time to do that recently?

Giving the gift of effort can be so much more meaningful than a physical gift sometimes.


Words are often thought to be less meaningful than actions. However a handwritten letter containing feelings, emotions, or even a poem if you are creative enough to make one, would certainly impress most people. If you’re not good with words, why not craft a piece of art?

Sometimes our creativity can put across emotions that we feel much better than a physical item. Although it doesn’t cost any money, the person receiving your words or art will definitely appreciate the effort that you have put in to create something so meaningful for them.

Hopefully, the ideas above have helped you feel able to give a gift for free to your loved ones. At a time when we may not be freely able to purchase online or go to the shops, knowing that we can still make the effort to give something meaningful is great. You don’t always need cash to make an impact.

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