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Extra Cleaning Precautions For Self Storage Use: Staying Safe Whilst Storing Your Stuff




During a time when extra cleaning precautions are needed elsewhere, here’s how to keep your self-storage unit extra-clean.

Self-storage is a great asset for both business and domestic users. Keeping it tidy and neat is always beneficial too, helping with organization and the maintenance of the items inside. During such uncertain times, you might be wondering if you need to take extra cleaning precautions in your unit. Do you need to disinfect it? Do items from the unit require a quarantine period?

Whilst we can’t provide any scientific facts relating to cleaning and virus control, we can recommend everybody makes some extra effort with their cleanliness using Maui Tom’s services. It can only boost your hygiene and the tidiness of your unit.

Here are our best tips to help you get an extra-clean unit:

Follow The Rules

The best self storage facilities are following all government guidelines when it comes to how you visit. Following those guidelines is a really good start to being as vigilant as you can against any contamination and virus spread.

Keep Your Unit Organised

The more disorganised a locker is, the more likely it is unclean. Keep your unit well organised, visiting it regularly to ensure that any dusty crevices and areas are dealt with at the time. A handheld hoover can be handy for dust control in a storage locker.

Keep Using Anti-Bacterial Gel

Continue to use anti-bacterial gel in your locker regularly, and avoid touching your face with your hands. As soon as you can wash your hands properly, you should.

Wipe Belongings Down

There is no conclusive evidence that the virus lives for any set period of time on surfaces. With that in mind, it makes sense to take precautions, assuming it can survive for 24 hours at least.

You can wipe items down with alcohol wipes such as lens cleaner wipes, which will help kill any nasties off. This includes new items going into your unit and items you remove (basically anything you touch). You may also wish to quarantine items for a day or so in the garage before bringing them into your home.

Utilise Proper Containers

Using plastic containers in your unit will help you to maintain cleanliness. It means you can wipe down the containers easily, and keep everything as hygienic as possible. It is easier to wipe down a plastic box, than a cardboard box or pile of soft furnishings.

Seek Further Advice

If you are sending items from your unit out to customers it is a good idea to look at industry guidelines on anything you have to do in relation to coronavirus. There may be no further measures you need to take, but it is worth checking what you can do to ensure your customers are as safe as possible.

The tips above can help you maintain a cleaner, more hygienic self-storage locker. The science behind it all is always changing, but the fact remains that whilst we all do everything we can to limit the spread of the virus, the collective effort will make a difference overall.

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