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Declutter Your Life For A Clear And Transformative Year



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Find out about why and how to declutter your home for a clear and transformative year that supports your goals.

Is every single new year article about decluttering? Probably! But that is because it is so important. It is one of the best things you can do to make yourself feel better, to make your home feel nicer, and to help your day to day life run more smoothly. In this article, we have some suggestions as to different areas of your life you can declutter both physically and emotionally.


OK! Let’s transform your year ahead:

Get Rid Of Those Unwanted Christmas Presents

If you are one of those people who still has bags of unwanted Christmas presents stuffed in the cupboard all year long, now is the time to sort them out. Don’t let yourself be that person anymore. Take them to a (not local) charity shop, sell them, move them into cheap self storage, gift them – just get them out of your house.

Take The Decorations Down

Taking the decorations down can be really sad, but think of it as a new lease of life for your home. Use it as a chance to paint areas that need refreshing and to do a bit of a mini redecorating session. You’ll be too excited about your gorgeous new home to feel sad about the lack of a Christmas tree.

Sort Out Your Diary

If you have a diary full of appointments you either don’t want, or that you know you cannot make, reschedule or cancel them now. Declutter that diary! Perhaps you have a list of things you would love to do but they aren’t planned yet. Get them booked in for an exciting diary full of plans for the year ahead.

Sort Out The Food Cupboards

If the fridge is full of food you won’t eat in time, such as extra Christmas veggies or meat, why not cook it up into dishes you can freeze in batches? How about those cupboards full of tins from as far back as the war? Any that are in the date that you know you don’t need could perhaps be donated to a food bank. Decluttering those cupboards is a great idea, especially if you’re eating healthier this year.

Declutter That Natural Space

If your garden is full of old plant pots, tired old toys and other debris that makes it look kind of rubbish, now is the time to declutter it, before the warmer weather helps everything grow quickly. Why not use cheap self storage to store items that need some winter weather protection? You could even start a compost bin with all the fallen leaves, to make some fresh compost in time for spring when it is time for growing.

Clear Out The Car

The car is somewhere many of us accidentally turn into a room on wheels. Several pairs of walking boots and wellies, all the coats, rubbish, toys – how does it fit so much in? Clear it out, add storage boxes and get it hoovered out and freshened up for awesome journeys in 2020.

Dress To Impress This Year

If you have clothes that don’t fit you, that have holes in or that otherwise actually kind of offend you when you’re looking at them (when was leopard print ever a thing?!) it is time to clear out that wardrobe. Why not dress to impress this year, embrace your shape as it is now, and put your best foot forward. Place clothes you need to sell in cheap self storage from or, get straight on it and sell them now. The extra cash could pay for some new threads that you feel proud to put on.

Hopefully, these declutter tips have inspired you to have a bit of a life overhaul. Some jobs are so laborious but the pay off is amazing. Start this year off right and declutter the parts of your life than need reorganizing. You six months from now will thank you for it!

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