Best Telugu Songs You Should Add to Playlist


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There are many memorable songs released in recent years. Musicians like Devi Sri Prasad, Thaman and Mickey J Meyer rediscovered themselves and we also saw some new entrants in the Telugu film industry.

Though there are many songs released in recent years we have listed these top songs that you must add you to your playlist. You can download these songs from Naa Songs.

Choosi chudangane nacchesave- Chalo

One of the best melodies to hit the music charts this year, the number also sung by Anurag Kulkarni was the first song that went viral among crowds before the movie Chalo hit theatres. The beauty of the song is its simplicity and it helps that the singer trusted the composition without going overboard with any improvisation. The song composed for a love-at-first-sight situation made sure that composer Mahathi Sagar is among the young talents Tollywood needs to watch out for.

Mahanati title song

The album Mahanati, just like the film, makes the best use of old world charm and modern-day technology. The wavy instrumentation of this title song builds the character of Savitri in the film beautifully. Ramajogayya Sastry captures the magnificence of the actress through a perfect choice of words like ‘Abhinetri, Abhinava Netri, Nata Gayatri’, ensuring terrific rhythmic value to the song. Anurag Kulkarni shows his versatility and makes a complex number feel easy on the ears.

Vachadayyo Saami- Bharat Ane Nenu

There’s a reason why A R Rahman described Kailash Kher as the voice of the soil and you need to listen to this number to understand the same. No singer rings in the elevation to his numbers as well as Kailash Kher does. Vacchadayyo is so celebratory in style that you would want to get up and dance while listening to it. With lines so relevant to the Rayalaseema backdrop that the song is set in, like, “O matti godalu chebuthaayi, Seema manushula kashtaalu, Ye dhaari gathukulu chebuthaayi, Palle bathukula chitraalu,” the song works beautifully on the screen as well.

Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale- Geetha Govindam

The song of the year by a far stretch, Inkem Inkem Inkem Kaavale had Tollywood listeners owning its singer Sid Sriram like never before. The beauty of music is its universality and Inkem Inkem struck a chord with music lovers across the globe so much that it ensured unprecedented hype to the film Geetha Govindam that starred Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika in lead roles. The western instrumentation, and a Carnatic-composition styled number gave it a fusion-like appeal, that without doubt ranks among the best numbers coming from composer Gopi Sunder’s bank.

Daari Choodu- Krishnarjuna Yuddham

Kadapa-based folk singer and writer Penchal Das became an overnight sensation with this extremely catchy number that has an irresistible ‘dappankuthu’ hook to it. Besides unconventional vocals and the ease with which Das sings, the number works great for parties and grows on you with each hearing. Composer Hip Hip Tamizha’s score and Penchal Das’s rustic voice quality ensure its repeat value of several playlists in the years to come.

Rangamma Mangamma – Rangasthalam

In a memorable album Rangasthalam that marked Devi Sri Prasad’s return to prime form, the number Rangamma Mangamma is truly a cherry on the cake. Coming from the perspective of a woman who can’t tolerate the tantrums of the man of her dreams, M M Manasi croons the number with great enthusiasm. The delectable texture of the composition is an asset to Rangamma Mangamma and so is its captivating lyrics by Chandrabose, replete with interesting rural references.

Pilla Raa – RX 100

RX-100 wasn’t the surprise of the year for its quirky content alone. A lion’s share of the credit deserves to go to the Anurag Kulkarni-crooned number Pilla Raa that generated sufficient buzz prior to the release of the film. The hummable feel-good nature of the song comes with simple lyrics by Chaitanya Prasad, precisely a reason why it caught up like wildfire among crowds. The song flows rather smoothly and it works well with the visuals, where a protagonist is on the move.

U turn-the karma theme

This song composed and sung by Anirudh Ravichander was only to meant to be used for a promotional purpose, but it did help the movie much beyond that. The makers interestingly used the U Turn Dance challenge asking spectators to come up with their own version of Samantha’s moves in the song. That the spectators did and how! Samantha was at her best as a dancer and the mysterious, dark backdrop to the video besides superb orchestration definitely added bite to the number.

Peniviti- Aravinda Sametha

If Kaala Bhairava stole the honours with Dandalayya in Baahubali 2, he created a similar impact with Peniviti, the song from Jr NTR’s hit film Aravinda Sametha Veeraraghava. In a year that marked the resurgence of Thaman as a composer, the song written by Ramajogayya Sastry poignantly captures the plight and the fears of women as their husbands set out for a blood bath in a village. There’s minimal instrumentation, proper focus on the meaning and the soul of lyrics that tell you why the song earned the recognition it did.

Maate Vinadhuga- Taxiwaala

Sid Sriram is that singer who can make a good song seem like magic to the ears with his subtle improvisations. That’s how Maate Vinadhuga works with you as well. Little known composer Jakes Bejoy sprung a surprise with this sweet-little number that is a perfect fit to be played on the car stereo for your long drives. Upcoming lyricist Krishna Kanth’s simple yet rhythmic lines are a balm to the soul that seamlessly blends with the music.

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