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Choosing the Right Bridal Shoes is simple with these 5 Tips



wedding shoes

A wedding for a bride is one of the most important events in her like; hence, everything needs to be perfect according to how she dreamt of it – from all the stuff needed such as wedding dress, wedding accessories, bridal party’s attires, venue and reception needs and many more whether it be big or small item.

Bridal shoes are not an exception here. The bride would definitely want to choose the perfect pair of shoes and in order to choose the perfect pair, she has to remember the following.

They need to be wearable

There can be a beautiful pair of shoes that one can fall in love with but has a very high heel and the bride may not be used to wearing such of which the shoes will be assumed to be not comfortable when the wedding day comes. With that being said, it would be best to choose a pair of bridal shoes that will make you at ease and relaxed. Meanwhile, if you wanted to wear something with heels, it would be recommended to wear wedged typed bridal shoes as they feel like flats and will make you taller.  Wedge type shoes will also make you feel more comfortable thus you’ll be able to dance and walk around on your special day.

Go for a special pair

A wedding day is a very special day for the bride and one should not go for some regular or normal heels which are available on an everyday basis. As a bride, you can go for a designer shoe if you can afford one. Having an exquisite piece of shoes for the wedding day makes the most sense and for a good combination of fashion trend and a classics style. You can also check the wedding shoe collection from JJ’s House.

Get them worn

Wear your shoes from the time you bought them so you can have your feet be used to them; rather than wearing them on your wedding day for the first time. You might be thinking that wearing it at least 5 minutes a day whilst walking around the house will make the shoes look dirty but no, your comfort would be an utmost priority. Getting used to wearing it will not make any problems during the wedding day; this will avoid blisters or any small accidents.

Go for measurements

When picking the bridal shoes, one has to check for the right size and the right heels. This may depend on the length of the wedding gown. For some instances, the tailor will ask you to give the measurement of the heels to allow for the length of the gown.

Wedding theme

A bride has to keep in mind the type of wedding that they are having. She needs to pick a style of shoes depending on that theme. If it is a garden wedding, then a nice wedge fits the bill, and if it is a hall wedding, then she can go for high heels.

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