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A Comparison Between House Builder Company and a Housing Project




Building a house รับสร้างบ้าน is not an easy task. Because the house is a high-value asset Some people save more than half their lives before becoming a homeowner. Therefore, we will help solve the answer. For those who are deciding to buy a house from a housing project or buy land in a favorable location and looking for a good home contractor to help build a house? With this popular question, Both options have different advantages and disadvantages. We have therefore gathered comparative data between buying housing estates and hiring a home building company. For information to be considered before making a decision.

1. Expenses

If trying to compare the cost of housing with the construction of a house by a construction company Housing costs definitely have to be paid according to the project’s selling price. But the price is usually more expensive than the house built by the company Especially when comparing the size and the obtained area But also depends on choosing a reliable home builder company Because there is a result that will help the budget to escalate

2. Designing the difference in space and utility of the house

Almost every project of housing estate, house design Will be framed for every house or home model that the project model has usage space Dividing the bedroom space Living room, kitchen or bathroom area, and all the same function in many small areas which may not be able to meet the needs of every family When this happens sometimes Buyers wanting to make changes may not be able to do immediately. May be forced to transfer before doing anything, do after the transfer of rights to another And some projects also specify in the contract that if there are any amendments to the contract May cause home insurance to end, which is wrong with finding a home builder to manage the construction according to the design that is designed to meet the needs of homeowners directly will make the answer Can meet more needs

3. Quality of materials and workmanship

Various materials of the house structure, such as concrete columns, roof structures, roof tiles, decorative materials such as doors and windows floor tile Wall tiles, sanitary ware, or electrical systems air conditioning system Housing project That the homeowner has almost no chance to choose by themselves Which most projects will provide materials At a fair level To moderate In the construction skills of housing technicians The homeowner was not able to check anything much. It can be said that depending on good luck and bad luck, such as the tiling is not level Or always smooth Stealing, not plastering in the invisible Like the storage room under the stairs In which the buyer must choose a trustworthy and reliable housing project But for houses built from Homebuilding company The owner can choose the material by himself as he wishes and get better products. Can check both the materials and the craftsmanship of the mechanic before making a decision

4. The hassle and duration

Buying a house from Housing estates are not complicated. When satisfied, they can choose to buy and pay according to conditions. Can say that waiting to be transferred and ready to move in But the house was built, the company must have time to inspect each step And choosing certain materials manually Homeowners, therefore, need to take longer to complete the construction. In order to get a house that truly meets the needs

5. Location and size of the house

Housing estates. We may choose the location of the village. The house can be set up but it is quite limited. Because not every place has a suitable allocation project in the location that we want. But if buying the land yourself, will have the opportunity to choose a more favorable location and wider area than the housing project Because each house project Tend to have more expensive land values Since already adding profit and utilities

Summary of the comparison of these 5 topics. Once summarized, it can clearly show the following picture.

– Anyone who wants to have a home with living space as you wish. Has all the functions that you need Choosing to hire a house construction company To come to proceed with the construction will help to get more comfort in the house

– For those who want a home. That has everything Although there are some small points that need to be added or modified later Housing estates are The most interesting answer: “And you? What kind of house do you like more? “


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