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A Battle Against Acne with Sensitive Skincare



Acne is one of the most common skin diseases with high incidence. Everyone is more or less troubled by it. And this little thing often appears on our face. It’s as small as one or two closed pimples or as big as a nodular cyst. Once it appears, it’s like painting a big stain on our beautiful delicate face. How can we tolerate it? Then we have tried every means to buckle, dig, squeeze, and even wipe them. But it is always repeated without an end. How can we get rid of it? How to care for our sensitive acne skin? This skincare guide may help you in some way.

Causes of acne:

1) hormone fluctuations in the body: such as menstruation, adolescence, pregnancy. In addition, we all know that a high sugar diet, overeating, lack of sleep, irregular work and rest, dairy products, etc. may lead to acne. What we may ignore is that these factors also lead to acne through the influence of hormone levels in our bodies.

2) stimulation of pressure, temperature, humidity: for example, many people have acne when their living environment changes.

3) barrier function damage: for instance, excessive cleaning leads to dry skin and acne.



  • Control oil

Too much oil is one of the most important causes of acne, so it is essential to control oil for both prevention and acne. So how could we manage to do that?

Do well in cleaning

Proper cleaning can help to remove excess oil from the skin surface and reduce the chance of oil blockage. Generally speaking, if you don’t makeup, you can clean your face twice a day with a mild cleanser. If there is not much oil, you can wash your face with clean water in the morning; if there is a lot of oil, you can regularly add some deep cleaning steps, such as 1-2 times a week with cleaning mud film or face brush.

However, we must pay attention not to over-clean, for it is not conducive to acne healing and aggravating acne, it may also cause damage to the skin barrier, which could cause sensitive skin.

Use of oil control skincare

Skincare products such as powder and oil absorption paper have the function of adsorbing grease. Still, these products can only help to adsorb the grease that has been produced, only treating the symptoms but not dealing with the cause. I would recommend choosing skincare products containing zinc to help control oil in acne skin.

Zinc is involved in many enzymes in the body, including those involved in sebum metabolism. Zinc deficiency in the skin will affect the healthy metabolism of sebum, resulting in increased oil output, indirectly leading to acne. Zinc is also helpful in inhibiting bacteria, which is very suitable for acne skin.

  • Anti-inflammation

An inflammatory reaction accompanies acne, and intense inflammatory stress reaction may also lead to pockmarks. Therefore, the use of anti-inflammatory ingredients during acne can not only help relieve inflammation but also have a positive significance in preventing the formation of acne marks.

  • Antioxidant

Antioxidation has been mentioned a lot in whitening and anti sunburn. Also, antioxidation also has a very positive effect on acne. However, the antioxidant effect is generally slow, and there is no short-term effect, which needs long-term adherence to be effective.

In general, it is not recommended as the first choice for acne treatment. It is recommended that acne skin be treated as a skincare routine. Long term adherence is helpful to acne whitening and anti-aging. The use of antioxidant products after acne regression can also help to eliminate acne marks.

  • Strict sun protection

The ultraviolet light in the sun is not only the biggest killer of making the skin dark and old but also produces free radicals in the skin, which aggravates the inflammation of the acne area. Therefore, sunscreen work must be done well during the period of long acne. For mild acne, some sunscreen with acne removing ingredients can be selected. For severe acne, hard sunscreen is recommended.

  • Diet control

Excessive intake of oil, sugar, and other components in food will increase IGF in vivo, and skin receiving IGF will stimulate DHT production (androgen). Androgen stimulates the sebaceous glands to secrete more sebum, which causes the pores to be blocked. Therefore, people with acne skins are advised to eat fewer sweets, including cakes, milk tea, and milk.

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All in all, if you are living together with a sensitive acne skin, it’s a must for you to pay more attention to it, instead of leaving it out of your mind. To start at a considerable skincare process, you might choose a skincare product specially made for sensitive skin. Ausmetics‘ organic sensitive skincare products are of high reputation. Given its years of experience in the industry, you are highly recommended to consider Ausmetics’ OEM skincare for sensitive acne skin. You might select any product that’s suitable for your situation and you won’t regret to have a try towards the battle against the troublesome acne. It’s now the time to take good care of your sensitive acne skin.

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