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8 Weird & Wonderful Uses for Magnets




There are many wonderful and weird uses of magnets other than just sticking your things onto your refrigerator door. There are many surprising uses of magnets that we will discuss in this article.

Magnets should be part of your toolbox as they are helpful in many ways. These are easily available in many sizes and you can also consider custom magnets bulk for your own desired shape and quantity.

Now, let’s get started straight away.

1 – Find True North with a Magnet

If you are unable to find the north because of bad weather and you don’t have the compass then all you need is a magnet, a piece of cork, a bowl of water and a straight pin.

First of all, rub the pin across the magnet 50 times in the same direction and then push the pin through the cork to create a pointer of sorts. Now just place this self-made need in the bowl of water to get the true north direction.

2 – Use a Magnet to Locate Studs in a Wall

A magnet can be a great alternative to an electronic stud finder for locating the studs behind the wall. A strong magnet performs way better than stud finder and it can easily locate the nails and screws holding the stud.

3 – Keep Chip Bags Sealed with Magnets

If you have bought a jumbo bag of potato chips and unable to finish then you need to close the bag to protect it from staleville. A magnet can do a great job here are you can fold the bag from above and lock it with magnets from opposite sides.

4 – Pick Up Metal Things with a Magnet

Well, this is the application of magnets that we have been using since childhood. You can easily and safely pick up screws, needles, and other pointy objects from the floor.

5 – Rescue Items from a Drain with a Magnet

If you are facing a situation in which you have dropped an earring down in drain or dropped a spoon in the garbage then you can use a magnet to pick up these things instead of using your bare hands. If the item you are locating is deep down then you can tie the magnet with a cord or thread and reach near the object.

6 – Seal a Vent with a Magnetic Sheet

A magnetic sheet can be extremely useful in sealing up your vent. This will prevent hot or cold air from entering the unused rooms in your home and this will save you a lot of HVAC cost during extreme seasons.

7 – Extract Jammed Batteries with a Magnet

If you are struggling to remove a battery from its compartment then stop wasting your time or risking finger injury. You can pull out those stubborn batteries with any sized magnet. This is an extremely useful trick that will help you a lot.

8 – Get Iron Out of Cereal with a Magnet

Well, this is a very weird and useful trick. If you doubt that your breakfast cereal doesn’t contain as much iron as it claims then you can verify this by simply grinding the cereal in a blender and checking how much black iron is sticking onto a magnet.

If you know other magnet tricks then do let us know in the comments section below.

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