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7 Splendid Candlesticks to Create a Dreamy Wedding




No matter it’s in the West or the East, for modern or ancient times, it is a tradition to light candles at a wedding ceremony, for they represent the future road of the two lovers. The light of the candlestick is like a heart waiting quietly and silently for the light of hope. While the new couple together takes the starting point of the stick and light the candlestick in front of their friends and relatives, the warm candlelight lights up their bright future.

Talking about the candlesticks and candle holders, do you have any idea that those wedding candle centerpieces actually differentiate between each other as well? To blow your mind, some of them are quite innovative and terrific. To know more types of candle holders, you could see our guidance below.

  • Crystal candlestick for wedding party decoration

Simple but up-scale, this white wedding crystal candlestick holder from BRLIGHTING is a crystal platform for candlelight. The nickel alloyed with solid crystal candle stands for modern-minimalism, adding a glamorous and romantic feeling. Designed with crystal materials, it could easily match with any decoration style. Available for dinner with candles, home decorations, gifts for girls, wedding centerpieces, etc., it would be a must-do choice for a perfect wedding.

  • Penner Tree Fossil Candlestick for Wedding Home Table Centerpiece Decoration

The wedding itself is a very romantic venue. This candlestick from BRLIGHTING is made of penner tree fossil, which adds a unique element to your wedding, and perfectly shows the beautiful swaying candlelight. Background music is played slowly; the bride will be more attractive and moving with the warm light of candlesticks.

  • European Style White Stone Cylindrical Marble Candlestick

Another product from BRLIGHTING worth mentioning is European Style White Stone Cylindrical Marble Candlestick. It is made of marble, offering a glamorous and romantic feel. This elegant and romantic candlestick not only brings European taste but also exudes passion and romance everywhere. As for holding a wedding, this enchanting candlestick will be an excellent choice for European palace wedding.

  • Wedding candlestick in Roman style

This candlestick is only suitable for western weddings. The ancient Roman style has strong romantic feelings in the world of the west. Even without gorgeous lights and palaces, you are the bride, the leading role of the marriage. The bridegroom will light up the fire of hope in this life. It sets off the romance of a wedding, bringing a modest but luxurious love.

  • Glass Tube Cylindrical Candlestick Round Glass Rod Candle Holder

This is a set of the glass candle holders with the design of art tradition single light candelabra with antique brass polished. It is great for formal décor and also a striking complement to a fun, eclectic look. It is made of the glass rod copper, which is perfect for the coffee table, buffet, or as a dramatic centerpiece.

  • Old teak wedding candlestick

This wedding candlestick made of old teak looks arbitrary in its shape. It is designed in the modern lifestyle ingenious combination, fully catering to the contemporary people’s fashion taste. If you have an outdoor wedding, this old teak wedding Candlestick will be perfectly suitable.

  • Crystal Cylindrical Candlestick for Wedding Dinner

It is a set of crystal candle holders adopting the art tradition single light candelabra with antique brass polished. This wedding candlestick adopts the minimalist style design to make it look more artistic and elegant. If the new couple holds a minimalist style wedding, this candlestick from BRLIGHTING will be your best choice.

As for a recommendation, BRLIGHTING’S crystal candlesticks are definitely on the top list for their reliable 20-year long experience in producing the lighting products. Both the crystal and hardware come in high quality, enjoying high popularity among clients from Europe as well as the USA. That’s why you should genuinely pay particular attention to it to create your dreamlike wedding.

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