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7 Cool Instagram Tips & Tricks To Really Up Your Game



instagram tips

Instagram is one of the most popular social networking websites. It has rapidly gained a huge number of daily users. It has taken the place of Flikr when it comes to photo sharing.

Before Instagram people used to share photos on Flickr. Using Instagram is very simple but there are still many things that you can learn to get the most out of this rapidly growing social media website.

Now, before you buy Instagram followers, here are the tips which will help you to use Instagram better than before and create an impact.

1. Make An Effort With The Bio & Page

The first thing that a visitor will see on your profile is your bio. So you need to take time and effort to make it look great. Use a decent photo as your profile picture. You can also hire a professional photo editing company to provide you the best pictures for your Instagram profile.

Give your brief introduction in the bio section if it is your personal profile and add a link to your personal website. If it is a business profile then you need to add the most important link as it is the only place where you can put a clickable link. You can even use fonts other than the default fonts in order to make your profile more customized.

2. Find Your Friends & Get Followers

To start enjoying Instagram immediately you need to find your friends. You can find your friends by linking your Instagram account with the Facebook account. Instagram will also suggest you, people, to follow based on your Facebook profile and the email.

You also need to have enough followers to enjoy Instagram. You can also buy Instagram followers for a good start for your profile or business page.

3. View Private Accounts

If you are new to Instagram, you will see that many accounts are private and you can not view their posts until they accept your follow request. You should respect someone’s privacy. However, if it is necessary to view someone’s profile then you can use tools like InstaPrivateViewer to view the accounts with private information.

4. Quality Over Quantity

Always focus on quality over quantity as posting too many posts a day can annoy your followers. The ideal frequency for posting is one or two posts a day. Make sure you post the best photos only. Don’t share every moment of your life as it may overwhelm your followers’ feeds.

If you are running a business page then make sure you make the Instagram posts engaging. Share what love to see and share.

5. Tag Relevant People

Just like Facebook, you can also tag other people in Instagram posts. Make sure you only tag relevant people. For example, if you post a group photo then tag only those people present in the photo. Don’t annoy people by tagging them and circulating the posts in their name.

6. Like Other People’s Images

In order to get maximum out of Instagram, you need to engage with other people’s posts. Add thoughtful and non-spammy comments on their photos. Like their posts. Giving also results in returns so you will start getting engagements on your posts.

7. Be Selective With The Hashtags

Hashtags are really important when it comes to Instagram. Hashtags are descriptive keywords and when someone clicks on a hashtag he can see all posts related to that.

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