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6 Benefits Of Online Time Clock Software For Pool Companies



online time management

For pool companies that use manual methods for things as simplistic as timing an outdoor switch to a complex integrated control system, getting stuck is not the problem, staying stuck is—and that is what stinks about operating systems manually.

Just like any other organization, a pool company needs innovation to thrive. One such instance of innovation is the use of an online time clock software for pool company management as it suits their purposes expertly.

Time tracking for pool companies can be especially difficult when considering the fact that the majority of the employees’ work is usually being done off-site. Using the proper digital method of time-tracking will save pool companies time, energy, and money. Below, we have put together six reasons why online time clock software should be used by pool companies:

It lowers payroll costs

Using an online time clock solution means that the location of every employee is captured when they punch in or out. This allows employers to keep tabs on everyone – whether an employee is punching in for the day, out for the evening, or switching between jobs.

This further helps to foster accountability by keeping employees punches on the job site and not down the street or on the way in or out. You find that in the final analysis, most business owners save between 2 to 8 percent in payroll costs only by using the online time clock to stop early punch-ins and late punch-outs.

It fosters accountability

Employees are enabled to view their timesheet information right from their mobile device so they can also keep tabs on how much time they have left to finish their work. This helps put everyone in orderliness and promotes productivity through accountability.

It offers easy integration

One thing you want to look out for when using these apps is if they are able to be integrated with other software and platform to run tasks such as payroll reporting and accounting. Sometimes HR might need to extract this information to verify travel, time on site, etc.

Employees are also able to access their information if they need to, and that enables them to keep track of their productivity and efficiency, which helps a business meet its bottom line.

It provides on the go time tracking

Online time clocks are more or less plug-and-play. As most online timecard systems usually make use of accessible storage facilities like the Cloud, most portable online time clocks don’t require costly hardware or complicated setups for your employees.

All you simply have to do is to set up and run things from any PC or mobile device with an internet connection. All your employee needs is the cell phone they have in their pocket.

It offers data security

All the time, the cloud-based time clock is being used, your information is deposited in the cloud. So, on the off chance that you drop your cellphone in a pool, you don’t lose any data. When you get another, all you have to do is to download the application again, and you begin from your last activity.

It helps with job scheduling

Job scheduling sometimes for employers in pool companies can be a fool’s errand.  It appears as though everybody is constantly out of touch with their calendar. The online timesheet software helps to make sense of this—when you make schedules just by assigning jobs to particular employees on their workdays on your web dashboard, they see the timetable on their cellphone.

Any further changes that are made are promptly noticeable to your employees. You can even send warnings, hints, and notifications right to workers’ telephones at whatever point the calendar changes.

It goes without saying that work tracking software is beneficial to all businesses, but can be especially helpful for pool companies as they can track an employee’s location, accurately job cost and can help save on payroll.

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