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5 Reasons Why You Need Self Clinching Fasteners



SOZN Ironware is one of the big players in the fastener market, and they have been making waves with innovations for a while now. One of the latest pieces to join the extensive collection that this company boasts is an array of self clinching fasteners.

Even though they are yet to gain a lot of traction in the market, they will soon become one of the most sought-after fastener types for the following reasons:


1 Thin Metal Assembly

When dealing with materials made from high precision machining, such as plain sheets that are as thin as they come, getting a desirable fastener is very important. It will be useful in joining these sheets together while also not giving up the aesthetic and ergonomic feel that the manufacturer needs.

Self clinching fasteners have extensive use in solving this problem of secure fastening. They provide not only the most effective way of joining such thin sheets of metal but are also the most practical solution in this case.

2 Required Space

When manufacturing parts and other metal pieces, the producer has to factor in the areas where fasteners will go. No matter how much you want to cut back on space, this could put an extra inch here and there – causing a slightly bigger shootout of the figures for which you were normally looking.

This problem is solved by self clinching fasteners, which require minimal space as possible to do what they do best. To buttress the point, they are also light enough to help you meet the lightweight requirements that are trending in design philosophy today.

3 Functionality

Once in place, you would have a hard time making these fasteners fail at what they are supposed to do – holding the parts together. For electronic panels, for example, this helps to prevent the hardware damage which could otherwise happen to delicate internal circuitry from loose fastening parts.

4 Improve Assembly Time

Anyone who has once worked on a production line will agree that one of the things that drive up production time are the hours going into the assembly at the end of the process. Self clinching fasteners can help you get rid of such downtimes, so to speak, if you integrate it directly into the production process.


Thus, the final product can come out with all the moving parts fastened together with the aid of these unique kinds of fasteners. In other words, your production cycle is always ready to get into the market.

5 Every Other Reason

Self clinching fasteners are known to come with lower costs of installation, besides the time that they must have shaved off the production process in general. There are no demands for hardware such as washers, lock washers, and loose nuts in the final assembly. Since they have fewer parts to handle, removal and reinstallation of these fasteners are an engineer/ technician’s joy.

Finally, we cannot but mention the significance of the high push out and torque resistance that they bring to the overall setup.


With all these in tow, we believe every manufacturing company should already be in the self clinching fastener market to see how they can integrate these amazing feats of engineering to their large-scale productions. If not, we recommend you to know about this company, SOZN, whose engineers have extensive experience in the production of fasteners and understand the application and quality requirements of each process. Its self clinching fasteners including self clinching nuts, self clinching studs, self clinching standoffs, self clinching captive screws, and blind self clinching fasteners can provide you with efficient and time effective one-stop-shop solutions. In the long run, it will have lots of benefits for you by long-term increased value and service.

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