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10 Reasons People Love to Use Social Media



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Social media is definitely everyone’s an important part of life. It has become a part of our daily life and as important as food and air. In short, we can say we are running a part of lour lives on social media. Keeping in touch with friends, chit-chatting with our loved ones, doing our schoolwork to office work and keeping us update of new trends, news and everything happening around the world. We have hundreds of reasons to love social media but here we have selected some really good 10 reasons why everyone around the world loves to use social media.

To stay in touch with friends:

The friend without whom life is dull and boring. But due to a lot of work, not everyone can find enough time to meet his or her friends who live at long distances. We cannot travel daily from one city to other to meet them and talk to them. Social media, therefore, helps us to keep in touch with our dearest friends. Whenever you feel alone or down all you need to do is tap a single button video call them or text them and there they are for you.

To stay updated about trends and news:

Definitely, not everyone has the time to buy a newspaper search for the news they want to see in the paper. But social media definitely have the solution. It keeps us updated about the latest trends and fashion. Tell us about what’s happening out in the film industry or the fashion industry. Tell us about what’s happening around the world. The good things and the bad things all in one place.

To fill-up spare time:

Most of us don’t prefer going out when have nothing to do and social media help us a lot to spend our spare time. Scroll the screen and find interesting things to spend your time.

To seek entertainment:

Social media is packed with entertainment. With memes and jokes and other good stuff which is a good thing for one to laugh and feel happy. Share with friends and laugh with them. Get more share and likes on social media from instaboostgram or buzziod, idigic or any other site.

To meet new people:

A whole world is on social media and everyone does use social media applications. For some of us it is pleasant and exciting to know new people and to make new friends and social media help us in this.

General networking with other people:

General networking with other people is another reason we love to use social media.

To share opinions:

We daily see something new on social media on which everyone shares his or her own thoughts. And this is a good platform to share our opinions as well.

To share our photos and videos:

Every day we make a number of photos and videos and definitely we love to share it with our friends and family and some of us love to share them with other people around the world as well. To get appreciated. And this feeling of appreciation boosts us to do our work more well.

For research purpose:

There is a lot on social media which defiantly can help us doing our researches and also we can find something new to do research on.

For friends that are already using it:

Not every friend of ours stays at long distance to keep in touch with the friends we see daily we love to use social media. To share photos and videos or to share something new and definitely to share memes.

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