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What to Expect During Your Initial Meeting with a Car Accident Attorney



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Your first meeting with a car accident attorney is very crucial. It will determine if the attorney is the right fit for your case and if you are comfortable with them. Therefore, you should make the most out of this meeting by asking the right questions. Also, a good car accident attorney will have their own set of questions that will enable them to know more about the case.

Therefore, if you have the right car accident attorney in Kentucky, you can be sure that you will have a productive meeting and that they will take up your case after carefully analyzing your case. Here is what you can expect when you meet an attorney for the first time:

They Will Assess Your Case

One of the first things that attorneys do when they talk to their clients for the first time is to get a full picture of the case. They will want to know the circumstances and the facts surrounding the car accident case.

The attorney will require you to explain all you can remember about the accident and the damages you have sustained. They will also want to know the following:

  • If you reported the accident to the police
  • If you sustained an injury and have gone to the hospital
  • If you have spoken to an insurance adjuster or the insurance company and what you have told them
  • If you have spoken to your friends, workmates, or family members about the accident
  • The health and car insurance coverage you have
  • If you have any witness or pictures of the accident

After you have provided all these details, you will also need to share your medical records, pictures, police report, any letter or emails that you have from the insurance company, and any other document you have that is related to the accident.

When you meet with the attorney, it is crucial that you share with them everything you know about your case. No information is irrelevant. Holding back information from the attorney can hurt your case because they will not prepare adequately for it.

Attorney-client privileges protect your first meeting with an attorney you intend to hire. Even if they do not take your case, they cannot use the information you give them against you. 

They Will Tell You What to Expect

Once the attorney has understood your case, they will give you legal advice on what you should do, shed more light on the at-fault driver’s liability, the types of damages to claim, and the compensation to expect. There are several types of damages that one can claim after a car accident, and what to claim will depend on your state laws, and the nature of your injuries.

An experienced attorney will also tell you how long your case can last and what is involved in the claims process and lawsuit. You also have a huge role to play, and the success of your case also depends on your teamwork. 

Lawyer Fees

The attorney will also explain their fees, what they will charge you, why, and how they expect you to pay them. Most car accident attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means they will only collect a percentage of your settlement money if you settle your claim or win the case if it goes to trial. 

Only Hire a Car Accident Attorney You Trust

It is vital you hire an attorney that you are comfortable with. If they agree to represent you, ask all the relevant questions to be fully aware of what to expect during the process. Remember, the attorney cannot predict the actual award or settlement amount you should expect but will try to get you a fair one.

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