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Ways the Art Industry Is Remaining Afloat During the Pandemic




Show me a business that is not affected by the pandemic, and I will prove you wrong. The pandemic has affected every sector of our economy. A car accident attorney in Riverside cites a decrease in car crashes since entertainment joints were closed; therefore, fewer people drive back home under the influence while coming from a concert, bar, or party.

How Is the Art Industry Remaining Afloat in This Pandemic?

The pandemic has dealt the art sector of the economy a big blow. Current health guidelines have forced the closure of many art spaces, providing artists with even more challenging times. Although they may be struggling, this pandemic has also presented the art and creative industries with an opportunity to reinvent themselves.

From the beginning of the pandemic, artists had a pivot in their business. This period helped them develop new ways of remaining productive while coping with the new normal. Here is how the profession of art is staying afloat during these unprecedented times:

1. Offering Online Art Viewing Galleries

Art requires a connection with its customers to deliver the necessary emotion. Art galleries have since closed down because of travel restrictions due to lockdowns. Artists working with galleries now offer online viewings of their artwork to desiring customers.

2. Holding Private (Restricted) Gallery Viewings

In response to the health guidelines, service providers have had to limit public gatherings to prevent the disease’s spread. For this reason, art galleries now hold private art viewings with a restricted number of people in attendance to enforce social distancing. Given this, they now bring the gallery to the viewers different from what was expected before the pandemic.

The gallery agrees with the viewers on a possible viewership location. The galleries also make a point to provide viewership services of the art pieces that cost an arm and a leg, and some clients may not agree to purchase without first viewing the works.

3. Livestreaming Events

Whether it is an album launch or concert, the pandemic has changed plans for most live performances. Instead of canceling events, these artists decided to work around the new guidelines to deliver their audiences’ value. Live Streaming these performances, artists are utilizing the existing stay-at-home times while also saving these artists from refunding the ticket sale proceeds, which had been used in planning before the pandemic struck.

Well, I know you thought that Zoom, Skype, among other live streaming platforms were for serious business meetings, but performing artists will attest otherwise.

4. Utilizing Connections Through Social Media

Most artists are influential people in society. It, therefore, calls for them to make meaningful connections on social media to make an impact. During the pandemic, artists are starting their youtube careers to post and release content that helps them connect with their customers. Their commitment to connecting through quality content to their viewers ends in Youtube payments through payments and additional brand endorsements because of their thriving youtube careers.

Other platforms are proving helpful for some as well, including TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, and more.

5. Creating More Artwork

Staying at home means having more time on their hands to let the creative juices flow. Artists are therefore utilizing their free time to make more art and targeting it to the virtual world. The time they spend with fewer distractions ignites their creative selves into action.

The Arts Have Seem to Have Mastered the Art

Statistics show that the art industry is among the most hit by the prevailing pandemic. The art industry was dependent on the hospitality industry for a more significant chunk of its revenues. Artists have utilized their creativity to remain relevant to the changing times. They have truly mastered their art.

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