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Washroom Hygiene Maintenance Services



washroom hygiene

Washrooms are the most used area and must be maintained daily to the highest standards, regardless of the environment. Washrooms should be well-stocked with sanitary items such as soap, paper products, and cleaning products.

Generally, people determine the quality of cleaning and hygiene based on what people look for when using your washroom areas. It is very difficult to make a good second impression if they are not happy with what they see in the first place. Therefore, regular inspections of these areas in the cleaning and maintenance regime and a monitoring system and standards are maintained and maintained to ensure that these checks are done.

Daily washroom maintenance cleaning procedures do not always eliminate bacterial growth and hard water buildup. Regular deep cleaning ensures a healthy environment for employees and customers and helps eliminate odor problems as they are usually cleaned in inaccessible areas.

WHC provides cleaning and maintenance services to suit your budget and cleaning needs. Whether your washroom requires a deep clean or regular cleaning and preventive maintenance program, you can be sure that washroom hygiene services fully trained, the expert cleaning team will clean your washroom, clean your equipment thoroughly and fill with hygiene products.

What you can expect from their Washroom Care Solutions:

• Drain cleaning solution

At WHCwashroom hygiene servicestake responsibility for cleaning drain lines for washrooms, refreshments or a nearby sink; Some accumulated salt, dirt, waste, FOG and bacteria in drain lines that can cause some odor or blockage.

• Automatic toilet seat cover

It operates in a unique computerized mechanism, which automatically delivers a fresh and clean plastic cover to the toilet seat each time. Each time the toilet seat is used, a new plastic envelope is rolled up, making the surface clean, clean and safe. The plastic toilet seat card is biodegradable.

• Good washroom exercises posters

This is their etiquette, helping us to distinguish ourselves and stay away from the crowd and leave an eternal impression. To maintain a place in society, a person needs to behave socially. We are pushed by messy, fragrant restrooms, toilets or toiletries. Toilets cannot be disinfected areas unless users care enough to follow good practices. Sometimes there are cultural differences rather than a social behavior that can be mistaken for washroom facilities.

Washroom Hand care solutions

Washroom hygiene concepts combine the design of the next-generation distributor of skincare and soap products with luxurious soaps, hand sanitizer gel promotes maximum hygiene and cleanses hands.

The expectation from their hand care solutions:

The Polygene Treated Foam Soap Dispenser comes with 2000 shades to replenish in the manual and automatic version. Extra rich foam has a pH of 5.5 and is very safe for skin. Distributors will combine the next-generation design with luxurious soaps to improve maximum hygiene and leave your hands clean. Durable, sealed cartridges ensure optimal health at all times.

San Hand Sanitizer (Manual and Automatic)

Washroom hygiene services cleaner promotes maximum health and leaves your hands clean and healthy. It is designed to slow the growth of microorganisms in the hands. In addition, anti-microbial protection is integrated into the dispenser cover (manual and automatic) – tested independently and proven to reduce bacterial growth by 99.99%, which improves health and safety for users.

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