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Top Things to See and Do in Bermuda



Bermuda is beautiful sun-kissed and relaxing. Sadly it’s also very expensive. Bermuda is not the cheapest destination in the world as it’s the home to the rich and powerful.

The resorts and hotels on the island cater to an upscale crowd but that doesn’t mean you should avoid this place. If you have a slightly larger budget you’ll find an island with some of the most beautiful beaches in North America, incredibly friendly people and world-class food.

There are amazing caves here tons of snorkeling hiking and so much more. In this article, we will discuss a slightly less expensive place to visit, top things to see and do in Bermuda.

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

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Crystal & Fantasy Caves

Explore the crystal and fantasy caves. These caves are small and you’re not exactly on an adventure expedition but they are pretty beautiful. To check out other than the beaches they were one of my favorite attractions on the island. An adult combo ticket for both caves will cost 30 BMD and the admission for children is only twelve BMD.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Climb the Gibbs Hill lighthouse one of the oldest cast-iron structures in the world. You can climb to the observation deck for spectacular views of the island and the surrounding waters. There is also a Tea Room at its base offering drinks and snacks but it’s overpriced. The entrance fee is 2.50 BMD and the view is definitely worth the price.

Hike the Railway Trail

Source: flickr
Railway Trail

Hiking Bermuda Railway Trail is the best thing you can do in Bermuda but be sure to pick up an official guide to the Railway Trail. You will have breathtaking views of the sections of the coast, goes by the rocky bays of Coney Island, cuts through the stone of Rural Hill and traverses the palm gardens of Frank’s Bay, following the same line that the historic 1930s carriages once did.

Royal Naval Dockyard

Explore the Royal Naval Dockyard. This area is where the cruise ships come and have the National Museum of Bermuda, restaurants, bars and offer some great people-watching. You can take the ferry over to Hamilton from here too. Since all the cruise ships come here everything in the dockyards is pretty expensive. But you will like the area to wander around grab an ice-cream.

Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

Visit the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. If you’re looking for history great architecture or spectacular views then you should stop by the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. The church was built in an English style in the 19th century.

Fort st. Catherine

Explore the fort st. Catherine located at the northeastern end of st. George’s Island. This 17th-century fort offers many opportunities to learn about history, architecture and take in beautiful views. But on top of that, you can see a replica set of the crown jewels. Along the way are some cool coves to cool off and end restaurants to eat in.

Relax on the Mini Beaches

You can’t come to Bermuda without scheduling plenty of time to relax on the beaches and just do nothing. Some of the best beaches include Church Bay, elbow beach and Chaplin Bay. There’s the famous pink sand beach which is definitely worth a visit. But stay away from the main entrance as it gets super crowded with those coming in from the cruise ships.

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