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Top Techniques to Make Wax Sculpture



Making wax representations have become very popular in recent years. Wax is much cheaper than using other materials and is easier for the sculptor to use. Wax models are usually very unique and are usually made as a first-batch model for other material’s sculptures, like gold or bronze models.

Jack Sparrow wax figure

Here are the top techniques that will help you make wax statues:

Melting a candle

The candle is one of the main substances that are used to create a wax figure. You can quickly melt a candle, and then use that melted candle to make a wax sculpture.

Candles are not only cheap; you can find them very easily in stores. Plus, there are all kinds of wax candles. Scented wax candles will make excellent sculptures too.

There are multiple methods of melting a candle safely, so be sure to check them out too.

After melting the candle, be sure that you are swift. You will not have much time to re-sculpt the melted wax into shape. However, if you are clumsy while re-sculpting, the figure can become quite an unattractive shape.

Everyone should at least give it a try, melting a candle and then making a figure from the ground up.

Use a heat gun or a stove

Most wax usually gets hard very quickly, and you can not sculpt with your hands. Most sculpts know that using the hands is the most effective and accurate way of making a sculpture.

Sophisticated hot tools allow you to accurately melt only pieces of your item to make a nice wax figure. But what if you don’t have one? No worries, you can just use a stove or a heat gun. Everyone has a stove, and by melting the wax in a pan on the stove, you can then safely make the shape again.
But be careful, hot wax will hurt you if you’re not wearing wax-proof gloves or at least plastic gloves. Otherwise, you are in for a world of heated pain.

Sequential wax sculpting

A useful technique is to break down the different parts of wax and then melt those parts in case you need them. For example, melt a big part to make a person’s face’ shape, and then melt a smaller part to then make a nose that you can then attach to the person’s face. Just like this, connect different parts, and in the end, you will have a complete sculpture. Not only is this technique easier to use, but also it will save you precious time in the long run.

You can use this method for mannequin statues, as well as for wax counterparts of real people, and making wax twins for toys.

Use NSP before using wax

An affordable and much easier way of creating a wax sculpture is to first make a sculpture in NSP clay, and then filling that sculpture with wax. This method is extremely effective and is very similar to the low wax casting process, only that instead of filling wax sculpture with other material, you are filling clay sculpture with wax. It’s like you’re doing a wax doppelganger technique.


By using these methods, you will be able to effectively create a wax sculpture that not only looks attractive, but is also affordable, and may help you boost your hobby/career in sculpting.

If you’re looking for a website that helps you make wax representations or wax counterparts of anything, with extreme levels of wax likeness, you’re looking at the Grand Orient Wax Art. They offer professional services if you’re not able to make the sculpture yourself. They are an international company and can deliver worldwide. Many athletes use their services because of how professional they are at their job.

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