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Top 7 Commonly Made Vaping Mistakes?




In this article, we will discuss the most common mistakes made by the new vapors. Here is the list of common vaping mistakes.

1. Low-Quality Vaping Device

Quality is the most important aspect before buying your vaping device. Regardless of what you vape, nicotine, CBD or any other kind of e-juices, choose a vaping device or e-cig of good quality.

If you buy a cheaper or low-quality vaping devices, you will have bad vaping experience. For an outstanding vaping experience try reputed brands like Aspire.

The devices from such reputed brands are released after extensive testing. Due to which they offer a great vaping experience.

2. Not Enough Vaping Juice

This is a commonly made vaping mistakes, made especially by the beginners. It is also known as a “dry hit”, which is basically a “burnt” taste and an unpleasantly hot and distasteful flavor.

This how you can prevent a dry hit.

There are many reasons behind a “dry hit”. For instance, it could be caused by insufficient liquid not wicking properly. Mostly it is caused by not having enough juice going through the coil.

The solution to prevent a dry hit is very simple. Never let your tank deplete completely. This is the reason which causes “dry hit”.

3. Bad Quality E-Juice

The quality of any product is vital. If you are a smoker then you know that not all tobacco brands taste the same. Similarly, in vaping, the quality of e-juices matters a lot. You need to choose the best quality vape juice for an amazing vaping experience.

4. Coil Gunk or Dirty Coils

Cleanliness is very important in vaping. You need to regularly clean the coil to have an outstanding vaping experience. Like all other devices, the coils need maintenance as they won’t stay clean forever. Therefore, you need to regularly clean the coil as it will offer you a better vaping experience. You can avoid this common mistake by doing regular coil maintenance.

Keep in mind that a gunky coil will alter the flavor of your e-juice and hence you will experience a distasteful sensation.

It is recommended to clean the coil every seven days.

5. Wrong nicotine concentration

If you are a beginner then choosing e-juices with the wrong nicotine concentration you may face similar side effects of high nicotine intake. Experienced vapors don’t have a problem with the nicotine concentration.

The wrong concentration of nicotine may cause nausea, dizziness, coughing, general discomfort…

Different e-juices have different nicotine concentrations, so you have to find the nicotine levels that best works for you.

6. Vaping like Smoking

Vaping is different from smoking and hence vaping puff isn’t the same as a smoking puff. In smoking, you take shorter and faster puffs. But vaping requires longer and softer puffs in comparison with smoking.

7. Giving up Vaping too Quickly

As we discussed in the above paragraph that vaping is slightly different from smoking. As well know, smoking is very harmful because it produces many carcinogenic substances like, for instance, tar.

Vaping can be a great option to transition from smoking to a not harmful nicotine intake process. It is not an easy process so you need to be patient and give vaping a chance.

Now that you know what vaping mistakes to avoid, head to Everything for 420’s online headshop for some of the best vapes for sale and incredible deals all around.

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