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Top 5 Points to Surmount Your Leadership Quality at ACET – Top Engineering College in Punjab




Amritsar Group of Colleges (AGC) (formerly known as Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET)) – a renowned name among the Top Engineering Colleges in Punjab is setting itself apart from the other institutions with its breathtaking groundwork not only in the field of engineering but in pharmacy, agriculture and other fields as well. Under the AGC umbrella, the college possesses Amritsar College of Engineering & Technology (ACET) and Amritsar Pharmacy College (APC).

If you wish to be a successful engineer, then ACET will be right for you. Along with the quality education provided by the college, you must have a leadership quality that will let you distinguish among the other engineers. And, choosing AGC as your career builder will help in making you a proficient engineer and a prudent human being. But for that, you must be familiar with what AGC will furbish in order to make you intelligible in every aspect.

Developing passion by choosing Branch or Specialization

The engineering field offers a wide variety of specializations from which you have to select one that will enable your commitment towards your field and make you passionate about working with enthusiasm. AGC aids you in developing your passion with its top 5 branches of engineering, such as:

B. Tech ME

B. Tech ECE

B. Tech EE

B. Tech CE

B. Tech CSE

Along with this, the master’s degrees in engineering are also available at AGC in the following branches:

M. Tech CSE

M. Tech CE

M. Tech ECE

M. Tech ME

Giving you confidence with a smart study approach

AGC obtained 2000 certification by ISO in the year 2003, which is helpful in enhancing the advancing needs& the technology trends and that lets its students to be enabled to compete with the industrial competition. Furthermore, AGC continually works to upgrade the innovative teaching methodology, quality-infrastructure and to fetch the highly advanced technical proficiency amongst the students. 

Our accreditations, your empowerment

The college has earned remarkable accreditations like “A” Grade from National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) which is highest for any university or a Top Engineering College in Punjab. Moreover, all the courses executed under the supervision of esteemed delegates of the college and the highly qualified faculty, are all NBA accredited, which further makes it more impeccable in providing quality education and empowerment to its students.

Developing a creative & innovative person in you

To set the college distinct from the crowd and to confer the students with the more opportunistic world, International Collaborations with various foreign countries credit it with more pomposity. Surplus to this, international students from countries like Nepal, Bhutan, and Afghanistan bring diversity in the college making an assorted world of diversification at AGC. And, the students get an opportunity to be creative among the different mindsets.

Making you an inspiring model for others with campus placements

When you get selected by the top companies like TCS, Wipro, HCL, Cognizant, Amazon and various others in the campus placement drives organized by the Top Engineering Colleges in Punjab for its second & third-year students, then you become an idol for your followers and ACET makes you inspiring for others.

Along with all these points, the college’s world-class learning environment, central facilities, its ranking, the unique pedagogues at AGC and engaging campus life are all you need to be a successful engineer. Hence, choose a branch of your choice and give new wings to your career with AICTE approved colleges in India.

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