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Top 5 Features of Aura Book Scanner to Check Out



There is no shortage of books and document scanners on the market. Advancement in technology has even made it such that mere apps can promise to get book scans done in little time.

After looking at all of those, though, there was the birth of an Aura book scanner.

Taking all the usual features of book scanners on the market and marrying them to an innovative hardware and software design that is backed by AI, the Aura book scanner is more than meets the eye.

1 Aesthetic Design

This is not the first scanner to hit the market, but it is one that you would like to have on your office desk.

The aesthetic design of this scanner ensures that – and we are glad that the design is not just there for the beauty of things. This manufacturing philosophy was also informed by the functionality of the unit. Both of these are married to give a piece of table décor, which also makes your life easier.

2 Highly Functional

The Aura book scanner was designed not for one kind of document, but just about anything that you may throw at it. The best part of the scanner is how it treats bound books. The same was as flat pages, not making its users go through the hoops of removing bounds from the book first.

This is made possible by the Book Curve Flattening technology that is facilitated by the AI onboard.

Speaking of the different side of the Aura book scanner, it can be not only your personal book scanner but also an intelligence desk lamp. It has two modes of desk lamp and scanner. The boot is default to desk lamp mode. With soft and not dazzling light, of which color temperature can be adjusted to protect the eyes, you can have a comfortable feeling working at your desk.


3 Artificial Intelligence

The place of AI has been well told in a lot of industries, but Aura has brought that kind of revolutionary technology to your table too.

Besides recognizing the curves and flattening them out for you, the AI onboard also makes it possible for the scanner to get exceptional image clarity and accuracy of placement at the same time.

This is aided by a three-point laser system that maps out the workable area and sends needed information back to the AI for processing.

That might sound like some steps you would have to wait for, but they do happen in the blink of an eye.

4 Speed

We might have gotten started on the speed of this unit up there, but you might not know how fast it can get yet. That is why we have decided not to let it slide that you would have to spend a maximum of 2 seconds on every page.

This is possible for both single and double-paged books, so think of all you can get done in such little time. The AI is also smart enough that it detects the turn of a page, so you don’t have to manually set it to scan anytime you flip the pages, either.

5 Every Other Thing

We love a lot of things about this high quality scanner made by CZUR. From the above features to the presence of a powerful 14MP camera and preview screen, we see what is being scanned in real-time and a flexible UI. The software can monitor page-turning action in real-time with automatically trigger scanning after page turning/page changing. Thus, you will feel not that fatigue after continuous operation.

Moreover, the foot pedal can free your hands to do something else. It is as user-friendly as they come, and there is no how you can go wrong with the Aura book scanner.

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