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Top 10 things to consider when choosing the Right RPO Company




After considerable brainstorming and studying the market scenario, you have finally decided that outsourcing the recruiting process would not only help you minimize the hiring expense but would also get you to access the cream candidates! Now, you just need to find the best Recruitment Process Outsourcing company that can help you fulfill your needs and produce the intended results.

As the requirements of employers have grown, so has the responsibility of service-providing partners as well.  RPOs can help organizations develop their work brands, increase passive candidate participation, and make the application process more streamlined and customized.

Of course, within accepted time-frames, a reliable Recruitment Process Outsourcing program should be able to assess whether targets and client company objectives are being met. Using monitoring frameworks and metrics to measure performance, this data will show an R.P.O’s productivity and help shape and develop a reliable talent acquisition strategy. The question is, how and from where to get started?

You not only need to clearly identify your needs and business objectives to find the best service provider for your company, but you also have to look for these ten essential characteristics in your potential R.P.O to achieve the desired outcome.

Organizational size

If you’re attempting to hire big-volume ventures, you’ll need to partner with a Recruitment Process Outsourcing company that could accommodate these requirements. As a measure of whether or not they’ll be in a position to meet your needs or not, check for the number of hires that the RPO supported in past years.

Field Specialization

Not all RPOs are specialized to support all industry types. Most of them are trained to handle specific fields, such as technology, development, retail, etc. Look for an RPO with a proven record of supporting your sector.

Business Department

Are you recruiting them specifically for the sales, production, or Human Resource verticals? Find an RPO capable of finding the right kind of talent you are searching for in your specific business departments.

Assistance on-premises

Are you seeking an RPO provider who can offer full or part-time support at your premises? For all, this aspect may not be a contractual necessity, but if you need to have on-site support from your RPO provider, then make sure you select one that gives you that choice. Not all RPO companies provide or have on-site assistance unless you specifically demand it.

Recruitment Type

RPO companies can assist you in staffing contracts, contract-to-hire, full-time, and part-time for various recruitment types; check beforehand if they support your recruitment needs.

Services Offered

You need to clearly outline all the  Recruitment Process Outsourcing services you need to find a company that can fulfill these requirements. Some of the services which you may expect from RPO companies include:

  • Researching Candidates for your HR department
  • Managing enforcement, control, documentation, and audits
  • Managing the outsourcing recruitment requirements for your entire company
  • Managing the outsourcing recruitment requirements for a few modules/departments of your company
  • Managing the complete outsourcing recruitment for a project
  • Management of Third-Party Vendors

Cross-country support

It’s essential whether your recruiting company is working outside its native country as a foreign firm, or it is a local hiring company with one of its international branches. Most Recruitment Process Outsourcing firms support the U.S. functions but not every RPO firm can either open a branch in Hong Kong or partner with an Indian-based firm to create an American presence.

Technological expertise

If you require a certain technology solution for your hiring and staffing needs, find a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider that offers one. It is imperative to know that not all RPO will be providing such services; you’ll need to clear your requirements in the very beginning itself to avoid the trouble at the later stage.

Past Record

Does the RPO business you are considering collaborating with have thriving and contented clients? Has the organization produced the kind of results you would want to replicate? As some businesses may enjoy a challenge from time to time, this may not be a prerequisite, but if it is an essential goal for you, then choose one that has accomplished that objective before.

Personal Rapport

Last but not least, you should be hunting for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing provider whose working style you like and want to partner with. After all, outsourcing the recruiting process is a collaborative arrangement, and you can have great results working with someone with who you are getting along.

Picking the right RPO partner might seem like a daunting task initially, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Where specialist needs such as tech or science candidates are concerned, organizations would require Recruitment Process Outsourcing providers with unique skill sets and demonstrated professional expertise. They have the expertise, technologies, and knowledge to ensure that their customers get the best tools to develop a strategy to acquire long-term talent.

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