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Tips for using Chalk Paint



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Chalk paint can be used for many different projects, but if you want it to last, proper care is essential. Learn how to clean and maintain your furniture after painting with chalk paint in this helpful guide!

How to choose the best chalk paint

First, you need to select the colour of chalk paint that will best work for your project. It is important to test colour samples before applying them onto your furniture piece since not all paints are compatible with every surface type. Decide on whether or not you want a matte finish and choose accordingly because some paints offer more shine than others do! For example, Annie Sloan offers clear wax which can be used over any of their different coloured chalk paint finishes so customers have many options when it comes to altering the look they want for their final product.

Store unused pieces of chalk paint out of direct sunlight or heat sources like ovens or wood stoves.

Always stir the bucket before using your product by mixing the sediment that settles on the bottom back into solution. If you haven’t already done so, remove any lids from previously opened pails as well. You don’t need to shake them; just swirl gently.

Stir frequently while applying thin coats. Once finished painting, let dry overnight until completely cured (24 hours) before using furniture or replacing knobs and handles.

If your paint feels sticky, it is not dry enough to be handled or used for furniture applications. – When painting over a dark background (like black), choose the lighter of the colours you are using as they will cover darker shades more effectively than darker colours on top of black will cover their own colour.

Protect from freezing temps. by bringing inside if possible until completely cured before exposing to extreme cold temps again.

Keeping chalk paints in storage: avoid sealing lids tight when storing them so that moisture cannot build up inside the container. To avoid rusting in storage, make sure to use lids that are made of metal with rubber gaskets (no plastic). Replace any missing or deteriorated sealing materials like gasket rings and bands. Store away from direct sunlight; place only in a cool dry area for extended periods of time.

Stir well before each application by mixing contents thoroughly until all sediment is mixed back into solution so it won’t settle after painting on your furniture. If you haven’t already done so, remove any previously opened pails’ lids as well. You don’t need to shake them, just swirl gently instead. After applying thin coats, let dry overnight until completely cured before using furniture or replacing knobs and handles.

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