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The US Government is for legal immigration – and wants to fight illegal immigration



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The United States is one of the most successful and thriving nations in the modern world. Despite immense political and economic upheaval worldwide, including domestically, the USA has retained its position as a world leader. However, such a reputation does lead to certain problems – such as people trying to move to the United States as an immigrant.

The US Government, in particular, has gained a reputation as being ‘anti-immigrant’ – but is that fair? Not really. Frankly, the US Government does the same as any other major nation.

They look to boost immigration that comes from legal sources and involves people who have a genuine desire to contribute. What they wish to cut back on – like every nation – is illegal immigration. As such, the USA has formed a rather solid line of reasoning: if you are here to contribute something, welcome aboard! If not? You’d best get ready to move on.

What kind of immigrants does the United States want?

As stated by US President Donald Trump in 2019, the USA does not want immigrants that will be ‘dependent on welfare’.

This comes after reports by the Center of Immigration showed that over 60% of households with a non-citizen at the head were involved in using at least one welfare program. The USA, then, has become quite strict about who can and cannot use the welfare system. This is why many people who try to gain a Green Card will be denied. If you cannot meet the expectations of being a citizen, then you are very much unlikely to get access to the country.

Also, the USA is trying to curb immigration coming from nations they already receive a lot of migration from. Nations such as India, the United Kingdom, and China are seeing significant drop-offs in the number of people who will be eligible for migration to the USA. They want to instead encourage migrants from smaller nations, and nations that do not produce much migration to the USA, to sign-up.

What is the easiest (legal) way to get into the United States?

Really, the best way for most people is to apply in the yearly Diversity Visa Immigrant Program also known as The Green Card Lottery. Applicants can signed-up using a Green Card lottery assistance service like US GREEN CARD OFFICE. The service will assist you by to fill the forms and manage your application. By using a professional paid immigration service, you are much more likely to get access to the USA.

The process can seem extremely confusing to those without knowledge of it and making a mistake could see you miss out entirely. That’s why hiring a professional immigration service to help you with your application is so highly recommended.

The Green Card is valid for life so you can live and work in the United States for as long as you wish. The Green Card lottery system provides up to 55,000 people from nations with low immigration numbers to the USA

If that sounds like something that would interest you, then you should apply for the upcoming 2020 (DV-2022) US Green Card Program. It’s much easier, and safer than trying to move to the United States on any other visa application. Good Luck :o)

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