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The Sexiest Lingerie Styles for a Spicier Love Life



A look at some of the sexiest lingerie: a guide for women and a fantasy for men.

A key component for keeping things spicy in the bedroom, for both men and women, is confidence. As humans, we are a vain bunch; a majority of our confidence rests entirely on our ability to look our best. This is especially true for plus size women. In order to be sexy, we have to feel sexy, and nothing makes a woman feel sexier than the way her man (or woman) looks at her when she is standing there in sexy, silky, lingerie.

The following list showcases some sexy plus size women’s lingerie ideas that are sure to keep things fresh in the boudoir.

The Tried and True Look

A sexy bra and panties combination can go a long way. Though a bit less practical then the average bra and underwear set, this look is all about form over functionality. You can save the comfort of Monday mornings.

The Victorian Look

Pain equals beauty. At least that used to be the case. With modern corsets, you can achieve the sexy look you desire without having to suffer from the loss of your breathing capabilities. Fit for a queen or a courtesan, your bust will never look better!

The Fantasy Look

Whether you are in the mood for a little bit of role-playing or you just want to invoke the thought of making your lover’s fantasies come true, this look is for you. You can be anything and anyone you want. It is important to not only choose a look that you think your partner might go ga-ga for, but also fulfill your own dreams and desires.

The Classic Pin-up Look

This look is both modest and sexy at the same time. It harkens back to the days of Monroe and classic Hollywood, where you could be featured in a dime calendar or plastered on the side of a B-52 riding on the wings of victory.

The Imagination is Everything Look

Sometimes it’s just all about what you don’t show. With a sexy silk robe and a come hither stare, the one you love will be dying to know what’s underneath. It’s sexy, suggestive, and comfortable to boot.

The good news is that you can buy all kinds of lingeries at Lover-Beauty Black Friday 2020. Always remember that, above everything, you should be comfortable in your own skin. Though vain we may be, we are also compassionate, loving, kind, romantic, sexy, and thoughtful creatures that deserve to be treated in kind. Never sell yourself short, it doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can pull off these sexy and seductive looks for the one they love the most.

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