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The Reasons Why You Should Buy Polycarbonate Hollow Sheet



There are a lot of construction jobs that will require you to make some tough choices on what materials to use. For this, the consideration of longevity, quality of materials, functionality, and cost has to be made. The tough choice here comes from there being a lot of viable alternatives on the market.

Over time, though, polycarbonate sheets have come to widen the gap. Whether you are going for window installations, roofing jobs, office building, railway stadium, or other forms of construction, here are some reasons why you would always be better with a PC hollow sheet at your side.


One of the things that could quickly drive up the costs of construction is the transport costs incurred in the process. Now, transport is also usually a function of the weight of the material being transported.

Fortunately, the polycarbonate sheet is lighter than glass by up to half. This makes it a better pick for building skyscrapers and handling construction over long distances.

Color Retention

Constructing a building – either residential or commercial – that will be exposed to the sun needs consideration of what materials won’t be destroyed by the sun in little time.


Polycarbonate hollow sheets are often treated such that they can be resistant to UV rays for a long time. Thus, they will not undergo atomization to produce the yellowing that is common with glass and acrylic materials when they have been exposed for long. Take the colorful PC twin wall hollow sheet of YUEMEI as an example. It can block UV to damage the sheets and extend the PC sheets service life for its 100% virgin Lexan Polycarbonate material with 50um UV coating.


Following from the above, the strong nature of PC hollow sheets against the UV rays makes it possible to keep internal items protected from the rays of the sun.

In residential buildings and offices, this can range from electronics to furniture and artworks. In other cases, they could also be applied in greenhouses to ensure there is just optimal penetration of the sun’s rays for better development of the plants.



Want to use something that looks like glass without having to worry about the fragile nature of glass? Here comes the polycarbonate sheet yet again.

They have been tested and trusted to offer up to 300 times the strength of ordinary glass. The results might be better compared against the tempered glass, but the PC hollow sheet still bests this treated glass about 2 – 20 times in strength.

When compared with acrylic having the same thickness, polycarbonate sheets will still offer up to 30 times the resistance to impact than the acrylic would muster.


Besides the cost of transportation savings above, it is also cheaper to unload and install a PC hollow sheet. The good news is that these cost savings do not have to come at the expense of cutting corners and depleting the quality of the overall project. Moreover, the better wear resistance of the PC hollow sheet makes long service time like ten years guarantee of the products.

Final Words

Better than just using the PC hollow sheet for your construction is knowing where to purchase high-quality, premium-made units. This has been the business of YUEMEI technology materials co.,ltd, who has been making some of the best PC hollow sheets in the market for a while now. It is an enterprise taking independent knowledge property with qualified import and export licenses and processing with imported material.

Offering manufacturing to taste, you cannot go wrong with what they have on offer.

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