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The Many Health Benefits of Cross Country Skiing




For those who are even remotely interested in health and fitness, the world of cross-country skiing, (or nordic skiing as it is known to some) is one of the most intense and health positive sports that has ever been studied. 

Requiring all of your own body strength, traversing different terrains and having to go both up and down hills whilst perfecting your skillset on skis is not for the faint-hearted. 

So, what are the health benefits of cross country skiing and should you consider doing it? Here are some reasons to seriously consider this amazing sport; 

You can eat a lot more cake…

Ok, let’s be clear we’re not telling you to eat more cake it’s just that, Cross Country Skiing burns a hell of a lot of calories. In fact it is considered the most intense calorie burning exercise in the world with over 1100 calories per hour when going over some intense terrain. 

The ultimate total body workout 

When you perfect your technique, cross country skiing takes into consideration both upper and lower body muscles where your arms, legs, shoulders, chest and core all move in unison to generate power, steer and importantly balance on the skis to get you across all the different terrain. 

Great for the heart and general health of the skier 

Every muscle used, lots of calories burnt and importantly, the cross country skier is never stressing their joints or muscles – the exercise is specifically aerobic – which means it can be sustained for long periods of time. An elevated heart rate for a long period of time can strengthen the heart pumping more blood and oxygen around the body making it a physically fit pursuit. 

A functional sport and pursuit

When you take up cross country skiing you are making your body move in a natural way, so you are never stressing your body to do something it isn’t designed to do. All you’re asking your body to do is work to be more capable in its functional movement. 

A big stress reliever 

When it comes to stress relief, we know of the positive impact of sports but when it comes to something like cross country skiing, you have huge mental relief as well thanks to your environment – it’s also fun!. Wooded areas with pine smells for many of the tracks to open-air spaces next to frozen-over lakes and waterways – they all have an impact in releasing anti-stress hormones that few other sports can even begin to emulate. 

It’s a hugely social activity

For many nordic communities, nordic skiing is a social activity that begins when you’re young and carries on well into late adulthood. Novices benefit from classes and group outings which all provide for entertaining escapes as well as getting to make new friends and acquaintances whilst doing something active and fit. 

Get a summer body! 

Burns calories, burns fat, tones and builds muscle and you will strengthen and sculpt your core whilst you’re at it as well – what more could you ask for when it comes to getting summer body ready from a winter sport? Not much. 

Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there is no denying that cross country skiing is one of the best health benefit exercises that you can do. Book some lessons and get scooting through the forests, we guarantee you will love it.

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