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The Effectiveness of Naltrexone Outside Its Typical Uses




Modern medicine is in constant development. There are a lot of discoveries happening nowadays, especially when it comes to new treatments. Researchers keep doing an excellent job by investigating the effectiveness of well known drugs, even after it feels like they know everything about them. This will usually happen when they’re trying to find a solution to chronic problems because no one should live their life constantly worrying about their health. 

Organizing your daily routine around a chronic illness has become the norm for a lot of unfortunate people sadly, but that’s bound to change. It will take time, but new treatments with different doses of well known drugs are proving to be very effective. This is currently happening with the famous drug Naltrexone.

What Is Naltrexone Used for Currently

Naltrexone is a well known medication, primarily used to manage alcohol or opioid dependence. A professional will usually tell the patient to take this drug after the process of detoxification has been completed, as the medication itself does not represent a cure for opioid addiction or alcoholism. 

It works by blocking opioid receptors in certain parts of the brain, so that a patient will no longer experience the pleasurable sensations that usually come from opioid abuse. By making those feelings of well being disappear or drastically decrease in intensity, a recovering addict will be less motivated to continue with his habits of drug abuse. 

The same process still works when treating alcoholism, as the brain interacts with alcohol in almost the same manner to how it usually does with opioid based drugs. This medication is absorbed by the liver, and can cause serious damage at high doses. That’s why it’s a prescription medication, which should only be taken under the supervision of a professional. 

Another Story Is Told by Low Doses

By now, we already know the benefits and risks associated with this drug, but its story does not stop here. Naltrexone is not only used for addiction, it can be effective for a lot of chronic problems. By lowering the dose, this medication has been demonstrated to reduce symptoms in very unpleasant and recurrent conditions, like chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and so on. 

Its positive effects can also help a dysfunctional immune system. Pain gets drastically reduced and it can fight inflammation with no particular risks associated. Patients who took a low dose of Naltrexone have been able to sleep better, a lot of them even returned to work. If you’re suffering from a chronic condition of any kind, you should talk with a professional and ask for a low-dose naltrexone prescription

A well informed doctor will know that pain relief is always subject to innovations and if nothing else works, it doesn’t hurt to try a new therapy, which has been proven effective by multiple patients. Therapy plans that include a normal dose of Naltrexone have been proven safe, so side effects won’t represent a problem in most patients, especially with a low dose, which is supposed to give a sensation similar to an analgesic effect that will improve the patient’s quality of life. 

Dealing with a chronic illness is not easy, especially if that illness does not respond to a well established treatment plan, but feeling hopeless is never the answer. There’s always a solution and even if it is not represented by your typical treatment plan, you can always find an answer somewhere else. Science will not stop, especially when it comes to pain relief treatments, so it’s important to keep a therapy like low dose naltrexone in mind.

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