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New Qazikoo bank expects to have 750,000 registrations within year 1 due to marketing strategy




Qazikoo is the next big thing on the digital banking scene, designed to be as user-friendly as possible, whilst prioritising the security of its user base. Their security encryption matches the kind used in military-grade platforms meaning that at launch Qazikoo will already be one the safest options in the online banking market.

With a launch date of September 2020, Qazikoo is on the way in reaching the major leagues of both banking and fintech in no time at all. While that would seem a bold statement for a banking start-up, most specialists agree that its planned launch features will be a game changer in the coming months.

Additionally, Qazikoo offers many features and functions that make it incredibly safe, practical and easy to use. The multi-device app allows users to hold money in multiple currencies and make fee free payments in different countries in a matter of seconds, simplifying the way we look at foreign exchange. There are many other lifestyle functions, like the possibility of splitting bills with friends who also use Qazikoo, making it both intuitive and practical for daily life.

Another unique feature to Qazikoo is the ability to customise cards. Users will receive the option to choose their own background image, as well as select the layout of their card. As a result, not only will each Qazikoo card be truly unique due to this very reason, they’ll be safer from copying and forging.

Thanks to its wealth of features and its far-reaching marketing campaign the new bank expects to reach 750,000 registrations in year one. One thing is certain, Qazikoo is going to change the face of modern-day banking for years to come.

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