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Joshua Kirshbaum – An accomplished UN Consultant, Photographer, and Producer

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Serving in the United Nations is one of the noblest ways to serve humanity. Joshua Kirshbaum is a 30-year-old, United Nations consultant who has served in many UN projects. He is also a New York City Bar Accredited Mediator, conflict zone photographer, and indie producer.

He was only 10 when he started working for local Virginia theater companies. His passion for photography resulted in his own photography business at the age of 14 which he sold after a year for more than 4x on his investment.

Three years later at the age of 18, he ventured with some local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC. The company was expected to grow to 16 locations across the East coast by 2012.​

By age 21, he had successfully expanded the operations of ÆFocus Projects. He got a major breakthrough by getting big corporate sponsors.

In 2012, he expanded his operations to Latin America by opening his first official communications office in Ecuador. Later with the help of different international organizations, he started a chain of philanthropic projects across South America from his community center “La Casa De La Vida” and “Estudio Ecuador”  that dealt with important local issues.

He is a strong advocate of gender rights, loves entrepreneurial training, and strive for community building.

His versatile skills and expertise allowed him to travel either as a conflict photographer, bouncing between United Nations contracts in some of the most volatile areas on earth. His business and entrepreneurial skills proved useful for different consulting jobs with the UN.

With his vast experience with the United Nations, he became an active member and consultant for over a dozen organizations and nonprofits around the world by 2015.

Being a keen political observer, Joshua sensed political shifts that were going on and he decided it was time to invest all of his efforts in his home, the United States of America. He partnered up with several international organizations to launch the ÆFocus Network.

In early 2018 Joshua became the youngest office head in the Nonviolence International network. Right after taking the charge as the Executive Director of the New York office, they began to expand consulting for national movements like the woman’s March, March for our lives, wear orange & Black Lives Matter, now Joshua and his teams run the NonviolenceNY Network.

The NonviolenceNY Network has successfully attracted hundreds of young students and alumni from around the world to join the causes they care about on an international scale. Their highly competitive internship program was got huge recognition during the United Nations General Assembly First Committee as a “model for all youth programs.”

Under the leadership of Joshua, the expert teams at the NonviolenceNY Network collaborated with Hundreds of experts in their fields across the globe, learning and connecting with each one. They did research and build a program to empower future leaders.

In order to achieve this purpose, they went directly to the top and joined hands with the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR) and built a program that gives you a unique opportunity at the United Nations by learning from Diplomats, Leaders of Civil Society, experts in their fields, and gain first-hand experience working with the united nations on Global issues.

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