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Importance Of A Healthy Intimate Life



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We all know the importance of health and living a healthy life. We all want to be healthy, but somehow we don’t always do the steps that lead to it. But why is that the case?

Why don’t we always make sure that everything we do is good for us? Why aren’t we pro-active in order to live life healthy as possible?

Well, there are many reasons for that, but if we can pick 1 common word from all of those reasons it would be EXCUSE. Even though it is sometimes hard to admit, it still is the truth. We all are lazy at some point. The only difference between all of us is that some of us are more and some of us are less lazy than others. In order to achieve anything in life, and the same
is with achieving a healthy life, is to be pro-active in doing steps that lead to our goal. In our case, our goal is to prevent any medical issues or if we already have any, to do everything possible to solve them.

Today we will be talking about medical or health issues we can deal with in our relationship. Most common health issues in our relationships are those that are connected with intimacy.

Both men and women tend to feel stigmatized or embarrassed if they have any kind of issues in intimate life. When we face this kind of problem we tend to feel that the problem can’t be fixed, that there is not much we can do, that we are alone in this problem and that nobody can help us. But it is wrong. Almost every problem can be solved, and practically in all problems
we have there is something we can do about it to improve the situation and you should remind yourself that you are not alone in any kind of problems you have and that there are doctors, friends, strangers, forums, scientists, media or any other people or institutions that can help us.

The most common problems that men have are problems with erection, premature ejaculation, or lack of desire to engage in intimacy with the partner. Women tend to have problems with a lack of desire for intimacy, not being able to achieve orgasm, low self-esteem, and social-religious stigmatization. It would be hard and unfair to say which problem is bigger or worse, so we will treat them equally. Common to all of them is that almost all of them can be solved. And when someone is possible to solve, then SOLVE IT. Make an effort, motivate yourself and never give up on doing something that will benefit you.

Because there are a lot of possible problems in intimacy today we are going to talk about men’s problems and especially those that are most common. As we already said most common intimacy problems men have are: problems with gaining or sustaining erection problems, premature ejaculation problems, and lack of desire to engage in intimacy with the partner.

A most common issue is probably something that all men have experienced at least once in their lifetime, but there is a difference between having this kind of issue on a regular basis or having it once in a while. The problem with getting or sustaining an erection is the one that scares men the most. Not only that it makes a huge impact on the self-esteem of a man that experience it, but it also has a huge impact on a relationship in both physical and mental way. Men that can’t be assured that they will have a strong and lasting erection when they want or need it, tend to have long-lasting mental problems that manifest not only in intimacy but also elsewhere. Men usually don’t accept this issue, don’t seek medical help, don’t search for the real cause behind it, but instead of it, they blame the women and slowly but surely they close themselves and become evasive when it comes to intimacy. Of course, this is totally the opposite of what they should be doing. If you encounter this kind of problem the first thing you have to do is to speak about it. First, speak with yourself, then with the person, you trust the most (best would be your partner), and of course with the doctor. You have to start searching for the real reason that hides behind the erection problems because most of the time erection problems are just a
the consequence of some other medical issue (physical or mental).

Premature ejaculation is definitely a solvable issue, but it does affect many million men around the world. Most men experience this issue because they are not taught how to engage their intimate life with their partner the right way. To explain it, men gain the wrong habit and that habit usually sticks with them for the rest of their life. Men tend to get too much excited
about the upcoming intimacy that they do it the wrong way. All the men, make sure to have the breathing right, to take your time for the foreplay, to think about what your partner desire and to do it slowly but surely. It has much better results than do it brainless, quick, and egoistic.

Now, the last of today’s 3 problems that we are about to talk about is an issue that happens to both men and women. But as we said, today we are going to talk about the men. Men usually lack the desire for intimacy because of mental issues. Either they had a bad experience, or they have problems with self-esteem, or is it connected to any of the previous two issues we have talked about, or there are some problems in a relationship or they have any other problems in their life which impact their mental state of mind. Whatever the problem is, make sure you talk with yourself openly and directly, make sure that you are doing everything to solve the problems you have that impact your intimate life, make sure that you are always positive, and that you will never give up on yourself, make sure that you will always seek for a solution no matter what the problem is and make sure to seek for motivation, joy for life, will to make things better.

There are many possible solutions, but all of them take time and effort in order to be successful. If you seek some quick help and for some quick results we would suggest you be very careful. There are many scams and many fake solutions on the internet, so make sure you are careful. Out of many products out there, if you are experiencing problems with erection or
premature ejaculation we would suggest you Kamagra products. More than 96% of people who have tried Kamagra have said that it had improved their performance in the bedroom, which lists this product as the most efficient product in the market. Currently, the most effective product for better endurance in bed on the market is Kamagra Super.

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