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How to Choose The Best Water Park Equipment



A water park is by definition an amusement park in which you will find several water play areas, like swimming pools, water slides, splash pads or water playgrounds. Water park is growing in popularity these years, bringing numerous possibilities of profits. So, how to choose the beat water park equipment to bring more traffic to your park? The first step you need to do as an investor is to consider what water park manufacturer supplier can offer the most qualitative products.

1 Water Park manufacturers should always be able to provide product qualifications, which prove their water park equipment follows safety regulations;

2 Wholesale water slides need to have both strength and durability to prevent unnecessary accidents;

3 The materials used for children water park equipment should always be designed with proper equipment. In this way, safety is increased, while maintenance charges will be significantly low. It was observed that the main issues in water parks appear to happen in areas specially designed for children.

Our top pick: Dalang newest water park equipment

For the best experience and the happiest customers, we recommend you opt for water park manufacturers such as Daland. With several years of experience in the field of designing water park products, they have vast range of water park entertainment, including children water play sets.

  1. Opening super trumpet

This brand-new water park slider is designed in the form of a trump. The interesting thing about it is that it can lead to several entertaining sounds and lightning effects when in use. Recommended for adults, it is designed from fiberglass for extra security.

2. Twisted Racer – it has a design mix inspired by both a snake and a black hole. It is a must have water park serpentine slider, being one of the highest in Daland product range. Great for any type of amusement park, it is suitable for adults only.

3. Magic channel –  this is a top choice for water park equipment, as it allows family or friends to play together. The maximum capacity is of 4 people, yet it is not recommended for children. Also, another plus of this product is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

4. Legend Twin Racer – similar to the snake slider, this water park slider allows up to 3 people to raft at the same time. It is a top attraction in water parks, as it can reach impressive sliding speeds due to the spiral design.

5. Wavy Octopus Racing – this is one of the best water slides that is both family-friendly and extremely fun. Inspired by the traditional rainbow slide commonly found in water parks, this is the go-to choice if you seek to make your amusement park popular.

6. Raining mushrooms – children adore amusement parks, especially if there is a designated zone only for them. For instance, you can opt for installing in kids pools a raining mushroom. This is a great addition to an amusement park and at the same time the best entertainment for children.

7. Children slide – besides all the fun water slides for adults, there is always a great idea to add some children water slides. Moreover, you can add other water related equipment in the area, like water houses or wave pools.

8. Amazon Style Water Park – colourful water activities is what families search for when visiting an amusement park. So, you can opt for an Amazon-inspired water park, that comes with several types of water slides and activities.

With the help of Daland, you can create an enticing and immersive experience using water, lights, motion and several water park equipment.  In addition to water slides, an amusement park should feature anything ranging from children zones to water park fountains.

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