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How to Choose the Best Spa Covers?




Owning a hot tub requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Water cleanliness ensures that every time you use it, you will have a relaxing experience. Spas covers are the best way to protect your gorgeous spa from heat loss, chemical degradation, dirt, and debris.

Nowadays, most spas and Jacuzzis come with a cover, but if you don’t have one or need a new one, you need to understand the perfect way to choose the best spa cover lifter.

Why Should You Get a Spa Cover?

If you’ve got a hot pool or Jacuzzi, you have to get a cover for it. It is not a product that you want to skimp on if your tub is not already fitted with one. Jacuzzi covers not only increase the life span of your tub but also protect it from a wide variety of hazardous element when you are not using it. Here are some of the reasons to invest in a robust spa cover.


We all understand basic science to know that water evaporates. If you leave your Jacuzzi open without a cover, the water is eventually going to evaporate. You will find yourself continuously topping it off. A spa cover will ensure that the process of evaporation is slowed down, and you can enjoy clean water for a long time.

Heat Loss

The entire purpose of your Jacuzzi is to offer warm water for relaxation. Your tub’s biggest energy draw is the heating process. It is a process that can take a couple of days to complete when you first add new water. If you do not have a cover, it will release the tub’s heat back into the cooler, forcing your tub to work continuously to keep the water heated. Besides, a cover helps to isolate from cold and keep heat where it belongs, which saves energy and eliminates the need for continuously heating the water.

How to Choose the best Jacuzzi Covers?

When it comes to buying the perfect cover for your spa or Jacuzzi, you need to research and understand the factors involved. You can purchase hundreds of spa covers online, however, you need to be sure about your purchase and make sure that it fits your spa. Here are the best tips to choose your perfect cover.


You can never do too much research. Hundreds of online sources are available at your disposal. However, some of them are just there to promote their products. Make sure that you research from different sources, and understand the factors involved before moving ahead.

Size Matters

Spa covers need to fit in well with your hot tub. A cover that is too small will not fully cover the spa. If you get an enormous spa cover, it may be hard to lift.  To ensure that the skirting is tight along the entire perimeter of the hot tub, a correct fit on the corners is equally essential. It also ensures that no heat escapes from the gaps. Measure before you buy.

Quality Matters the Most

You cannot buy a new cover every other month because the last one wore out. So, quality matters. Some people often sacrifice quality for the price. However, your Jacuzzi cover will be the only protection against the rain, snow, UV rays, wind, and other harmful factors. A vinyl spa cover will last years without showing any signs of wear and tear.

What Do We Have to Say?

Your spa cover will be the soulmate of your Jacuzzi for a very long time. Make sure that you purchase only from the best store. JNJSPA has earned its rightful place among the giants in the industry by offering the best spa covers and Jacuzzi covers to their customers. The covers are durable, robust, long-lasting, and come in a variety of shapes and colors. Buying Spa covers online can be a hard decision for some customers. However, you can trust JNJSPA and buy the best spa cover that the industry has to offer.

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