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How to Be More Fashionable: A Detailed Guide for Men



Fashion for Men

In the U.S, men spend around $326 on clothes every year, which shows how much we care about our style.

As a man, perfecting your look is essential for boosting your confidence and helping you stand out from the crowd. But knowing where to start can feel impossible, especially if you’re new to the world of fashion. Maybe it’s that insecurity that brought you here; you want to improve your style and are searching for tips.  

Hit the nail on the head? Luckily, you’ve stumbled across the right post. Here’s a guide on how to be more fashionable as a man.  

Understand That Dressing Well Is a Skill 

A comfortable tidbit of fashion advice is knowing that dressing well is a skill. Although it initially feels overwhelming, you’ll learn to develop an eye and get better with practice. If you’re still struggling, spend time browsing the top fashion blogs and follow stylish men on Instagram for inspiration.   

Find Your Style 

In you’re quest for how to be more stylish, it’s important to let your style come to you. Figure out which clothes make you feel more confident and if there are specific brands that you love. But avoid copying a celebrity completely because you’ll lose your identity and won’t learn how to own your style.  

Build a Wardrobe Around Your Lifestyle 

If you’re struggling with what to wear, use your lifestyle as a starting point. For instance, if you’re often working outdoors and are attracted to streetwear, check out brands like Supreme and Carhartt. Once you know what clothes best represent your style, it’s easier to compile the ultimate outfit. 

When you’re ready, stuff your wardrobe with classic items, such as a cotton t-shirt, high-quality trousers, and a streamlined sweater. Also, invest in denim jeans because they’re versatile and are great for all year round, regardless of which state you live in. Otherwise known as a capsule wardrobe, this gives you a foundation to build upon and helps you show off your personal flair.  

Practice Wearing Your Clothes 

One of the top men’s fashion tips is to practice wearing your clothes before showing them to the world. This is because you likely won’t feel comfortable with new items, so get into the habit of donning them in front of a mirror. You should also swap out certain pieces, so you have several outfits ready for your next event.    

Don’t Chase Trends 

Common mistake men make is ditching their style and chasing trends instead. Know, trends never last, so you don’t want to spend a fortune on a new wardrobe, only for it to be irrelevant in several months. Also, the latest fashionable items may not align with your personal preference or style, which means you’re doing yourself a disservice. 

Choose Neutral, Solid Colors 

Experts in men’s fashion always recommend choosing neutral, solid colors. These are shades that aren’t overpowering and easily work as an ensemble. Because of this, avoid vibrant hues like lime-green or orange because is difficult to style well. 

As a general rule, men should work with white, navy, and gray pieces as it creates the ultimate backdrop. Then, if you’re desperate for a splash of color, add an accessory or new Yeezy shoes to tie the outfit together.  

Ditch Graphic T-Shirts

Most men think that creating a casual outfit always includes graphic tees, but this isn’t always the case. Know, that wearing bright graphics can look careless and immature. But if you’re set on wearing one, choose a style with subtle prints and rich colors, so they go with a majority of your pants.  

Avoid Wearing Too Many Logos

Another mistake men can make is drenching themselves in logos. You’ll notice that the best-dressed men dress effortlessly, making it impossible to know what brands they’re wearing. Instead, wear logos sparingly, such as a Gucci belt or a Givenchy tee for a great look.  

Also, if you only wear logos, it shows that you can’t be bothered to improve your style, making you look less creative overall. 

Invest in a Quality Watch 

Men can elevate their style by investing in a premium-quality watch. Every timepiece is a work of art that helps you stand out and look professional with minimal effort. A major benefit is you can choose from an array of styles that best illustrate your personality.  

Prioritize Self-Care

An underrated aspect of fashion is self-care. You don’t want to spend hours compiling a wardrobe and your favorite pieces no longer fit. Because of this, make sure you regularly exercise and load up on nutrient-dense dishes, so you maintain a healthy weight. 

Take Care of Your Clothes 

If you don’t take care of your wardrobe, they’ll stop looking good on you. Make sure you hang your favorite pieces on wooden hangers and wash your clothes regularly. But avoid throwing items in a tumble dryer as it can degrade the fabric and even shrink them.   

Stick to Classic Shirts 

Although it’s tempting to choose bold shirts, this can jeopardize your outfit, especially if you’re not sure how to style them. Instead, find a shade that aligns with your pants and jacket. Also, make sure collars sit properly under your coat so it looks sophisticated.  

Buy Shoes for Different Occasions 

You’ll notice that the most stylish men have an extensive collection of shoes. At the very least, men should own around three pairs of shoes to fit every occasion. For instance, you should have casual, formal, and semi-formal pairs in your wardrobe.  

Further, don’t be embarrassed about splurging on shoes. You want a timeless pair that will last years and is in an attractive style, such as brogues or loafers. 

Learn to Layer

If you’re in a state with cooler seasons, learning to layer is essential. Not only does layering make an outfit look more attractive, but it shows you’ve poured effort into your ‘fit. For instance, add a white shirt underneath your sweater and jeans as it looks more exciting. 

Save Athletic Clothes for Working Out 

We’ve seen the meteoric rise of athleisure clothes hitting the catwalks, but this doesn’t always mean it’s the best style for men. Unless you’re a whiz at compiling an outfit, activewear can make it look like you can’t be bothered with your aesthetic. Instead, save the compression tights and singlets for the gym.    

Get Your Clothes Tailored 

Regardless of your gender, getting your clothes tailored is a game-changer in fashion. Wearing well-fitted clothes instantly compliments your form while being comfortable to wear. But don’t worry if you’ve fallen in love with a shirt that’s too big; simply reach out to your tailor to find the perfect measurement for your body.   

Wear a Belt

Many men overlook this step, but investing in a quality belt can do wonders for every outfit. As a general rule, wear one with pants that have loops; otherwise, it looks sloppy. You must also wear belts whenever you wear formal outfits, especially with a classic white shirt tucked in.   

Buy a Blazer 

If you haven’t already, buy a blazer to complete your ensemble.

Blazers are popular because they improve casual outfits, while still looking relaxed. The key is choosing a lightweight material so it’s low-key, such as linen. You should also pair a blazer with a t-shirt and jeans or chinos for the ultimate look.      

Try “The Swap Trick” 

Many stylists recommend “The Swap Trick” where you introduce a piece of clothing that you’re not confident wearing.

For instance, if you want to wear vibrant patterns during the summer, you must slowly build up to them. So, instead of wearing your regular black t-shirt and dark jeans, wear a patterned button-up shirt to add a splash of color. Men love this technique as it pushes you outside of your comfort zone while elevating your style.   

Seek Help from Experts 

No one is born learning how to wear a killer outfit, so outsource your needs. If you have the budget, invest in a personal stylist so you can tap into their expertise. Or, if this isn’t feasible, reach out to your stylish bestie and ask whether they could check your wardrobe to see what is and isn’t working.   

Have Fun With the Process 

Fashion is an art form and isn’t meant to be a chore, regardless of how daunting it can be.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with outlandish clothes or a style of shoe that you’d never normally wear. Make sure you’re having fun with the creative process and if you have a bad outfit day, simply do better next time. Simple! 

How to Be More Fashionable for Men 

Hopefully, you’ll use this article in your quest for how to be more fashionable. 

There are many ways that men can be more stylish, such as spending time finding their style and creating a wardrobe filled with basics. Men should also get their clothes tailored and seek inspiration from fashion-savvy friends. Good luck with your venture! 

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