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How To Add Fiber Optic Lights to Above Ground Pool



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Add fiber optic lights to the bottom of an above ground pool using grout. Creative pool lighting with fiber optic equipment enhances pool aesthetics.

A swimming pool provides a play area and easy exercise for fun family time together. Adding a beautiful pool landscaping with colorful fiber optic lights to the pool create a special appeal that simple, spot-light type pool lights cannot. Fiber optic lights are small and do not give off much light but because they change colors and are flexible enough to be placed anywhere in the pool and they are an exciting accessory. Placed on the bottom, these lights can look like stars at night. The fibers can also be placed along the edge of the pool, just above the water, or along the walls in zigzag patterns. There is an infinite number of ways to place fiber optic lights in your pool.

To add the lights to an above ground pool, with a liner, a bit of care is needed in drilling the entry hole and securing the fibers to the liner. A full layer of grout on the bottom will prevent snagging and tearing the liner.


  1. Empty the pool of all water. Allow the pool to dry before beginning.
  2. Install a fiber optic light source to the ground outside of the pool. The light source is a battery-operated — or a more expensive electric unit — a machine that provides light for the fiber optics. Set the light source under the deck for the best protection from getting wet.
  3. Drill a hole in the pool wall, 1/2-inch under the rail, using a 1/4-inch boring bit and a cordless drill.
  4. Place silicone caulk around the inner edge hole.
  5. Insert a 1/2-inch long PVC pipe with a 1/4-inch diameter into the hole. The silicone caulk will seal the pipe in place and prevent leaking around the edges.
  6. Connect fiber optic cables to the light source using a Philips screwdriver to open the front of the light source. The cables are inserted into the conduit at the color wheel and leave the machine through the conduit opening on the front. Close the light source and tighten the screws.
  7. Insert the cables through the PVC pipe.
  8. Tape the cables to the wall of the pool 1-inch below the PVC pipe, using two strips of duct tape. Bring the cables down to the base of the wall where it meets the pool floor. Tape the cables to the base of the wall with two strips of duct tape.
  9. Spread the cables out around the floor of the pool. Tape the cables with one strip of duct tape every 6 inches.
  10. Insert the end of the fiber optic cable into a reducer. Set the reducer on the floor of the pool with the fiber optic cable facing up and tape it in that spot with a few strips of duct tape.
  11. Spread cement grout over the floor of the pool covering the cables, using a trowel. Place enough cement grout on the floor to make the floor even with the top of the reducers. This will take a 1/4-inch thick layer of cement grout. You do not need to cover the entire floor of the pool to complete the project but doing so will prevent lumps on the pool floor.
  12. Fill the pool with water until the water line is 1/2-inch under the PVC pipe.

Be creative with your fiber optic lights. Make a star pattern of your favorite constellation or make multiple constellations with many sets of fiber optics. To make the work you’ve just done disappear, paint the cement grout blue to blend it into the pool floor.


Keep the trowel level and work carefully to prevent puncturing holes in the pool liner.

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