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How Do I Find a Good Seltzer Flavor?




Everybody knows that Soda and diet soda are pretty gross; both have been linked to diabetes and weight gain, thanks to a slew of sketchy elements. So it’s a no brainer that you should trench the stuff. Everybody has different taste buds so it’s not compulsory that everyone likes soda r diet soda. But in the summery season, people look for some drinks that can refresh them and find some seltzer drinks like White Claw Raspberry which are flavorful and good for taste buds and brings refreshment.  Here are the five most awesome ways to make this trendy bubble-infused water taste better.

Add fresh fruits and herbs

You can make your own choice of combinations for the drinks, one of the delicious ways to hack your seltzer is with a simple fruit-herb combo. Just make a blend of fruits and herbs into your drink. Sure, fruit alone would also be great, but pair it with fresh herbs and these drinks develop an exclusive, unique taste that you won’t find in any bottled seltzer. A few flavorful combinations are Rosemary and grapefruit slices, strawberries and basil, pineapple and ginger, blueberries and sage, and lime slices and mint. You will love these blends with your drinks.

Make a natural energy drink

You must try different blends with your drinks here’s one more crazy idea to make your drink unique: try to add chia seeds, a squeeze of lemon or lime, and a touch of honey to your seltzer drink. Superficially this drink called a chia Fresca, it has been a thing in Mexico and Central America for many years. The texture of this drink is weird but the taste is awesome, you still get the fizz from the seltzer after combining the elements, but because chia seeds become gelatinous when immersed in water, it’s thicker than the usual drink and more significant than your average drink. As a bonus from this drink, you get a dose of omega-3s, protein, and fiber, and all thanks to chia for providing these benefits in one drink.

Add bitters for a classy mocktail

Some people don’t like the sweet taste of drinks. At the bar, if want to lay off the sugar-loaded cocktails and high-calorie beer, Order up some seltzer with a splash of bitters, which are mainly classy vegetal extracts made from various plants and fruits that lend a complex, bittersweet flavor to your drink for just a few calories and a touch of alcohol and gives you refreshing and unique pleasure.

Add booze for a lighter cocktail

And for those of you who love booze drinks and want some alcoholic drink but maybe not all those calories that are inside the drinks, simply cut your drink with seltzer. There is one mash-up you may like to try is Sauvignon blanc + naturally flavored lime seltzer + fresh strawberries. The delighted result of this mixture is a light and fresh sangria-style drink that’s perfect for summer and hot weather.

Find one that tastes awesome all on its own

For those who have no extra time to mess around with fruits, herbs, bitters, and booze or alcohol? Let’s Keep it simple and opt for a naturally flavored seltzer that tastes best without any add-ins into the drinks. The hipsters’ brand of choice, has some extremely delicious flavors for us like cerise Limon (cherry lemon), coconut, peach pear, Pamplemousse (grapefruit), mango, and passionfruit. Hint Fizz is another favorite brand that is offering up options like cherry, peach, and blackberry. These all drinks have amazing tastes you should try on these flavors as well.

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