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Getting Started In Online Poker



Online Poker

It’s possible to play poker almost anywhere, at any time in the United States.

You can play for money in some states, but most still require you to play for fun on one of the many free-to-play apps out there. However, the game which sprang to popularity in the Wild West is still an intrinsic part of US culture, even if it is regulated far tighter than many other industries.

Online poker is definitely on the rise in 2022, sparked by a big decision in 2018. As reported by, that was when the US Supreme Court ruled on expanded online sports betting and, consequently, online poker. After two years of steady expansion, the pandemic kicked in, meaning players who usually enjoyed trips to a casino or poker room had to play at home. The big casinos of our gaming capital, Las Vegas, were even forced to close, meaning poker players were forced online.

That means more online players than ever before, competing for money or against friends and family for fun. It’s estimated that there are 60m players across the US, all hoping to get ahead. Luckily, we have some key tips which will soon have you bluffing, raising and folding like a professional. Who knows, you might even end up like Chris Moneymaker, the man who won a cool $1m in 2003 and sparked the original poker boom.

Find The Right Platform

You can play poker on many different platforms, from money games (in the legal states, of course), to freemium models. You must make sure you play the right game for yourself, and we’re not just talking about the type of wager you can make. Whilst Texas Hold ’em is the most popular poker variant, explains are a further five, all with their own different variants within variants. Choosing a site that caters for your preferred game is important. Then some sites allow you to play local games; others connect you with players worldwide. Choosing carefully at the start can save you time switching later on.

Use a HUD

One of the key things to remember when playing online poker is how different it is from in-person games. When you’re around a table, you only have your wits and skill to help you, but it’s a whole different card game when you’re online. Those who choose to play on a home computer can benefit from using a Heads-Up Display, or HUD for short. A HUD serves many different purposes, from calculating pot odds to storing information about players to spot patterns in their approach. Using a HUD might feel like cheating, but it isn’t. Make use of the tools whilst you can!

Take Advice From The Right People

Everyone has advice for you throughout every aspect of your life, and poker is no different. When playing online poker, it is important to get advice, but wisely choose where you get it. Resources such as are incredibly useful, as they curate articles from across the industry, taking in a wide range of experts with plenty of knowledge. There are also guides from top players, such as Dan Negreanu, whose site is dedicated to the game. Experts at such sites are likely to offer better advice than your mate down the bar who once won a few dollars in a local sit-and-go tournament.

Only Multi-Table When Ready

You may not understand what multi-tabling is right now, but once you get to a certain level, you will. It’s where players operate hands-on several tables at once to maximize the chances of winning. It’s a popular method within the online poker industry, and it can lead to significant rewards. It can also be confusing, so no matter how much you’re told it’s a good idea, only step up to playing several tables when you’re good and ready. It would be best not to run before you can walk, as the saying goes.

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