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Your strongest advertising method is through social media. Get on board the content king. Reach millions if you do it right.

Social media must be a part of your advertising process. Not all marketing is social media-based, we can’t forget about traditional such as brochures, ads, and emails. But social media is certainly coming into its own. Just think about it, 80% of American adults use the internet and over 10 billion people search Google monthly. If you have any doubts about social media’s impact, just look at some of the social media statistics. Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users while Twitter claims 330 million registered users. LinkedIn claims 675 million registered users, as well. Being part of these sites can only help to grow your business and sell your product. Interactive sites where business and people can share information is the keystone to inbound marketing, driving people to your product or service. So, how do you do this effectively? Keep on reading.

Good For Business

The sites listed above plus many others are ways for people to communicate with each other. These blogs can target large amounts of people at virtually no financial investment. A business blog must be engaging offering something that is needed and of value. Content is king to drive inbound traffic to your business site and keep them coming back. Make sure your post is timed; timing can make the difference between a sell or not and a valued customer. Provide new content on a regular, scheduled basis to keep your clients interested. And join groups, create buzz around your brand and generate business leads.

Another place for your content is YouTube, the second largest search engine after Google. Create videos, teach something or provide a how-to.

Steps to Success

Identify the social media tool that serves your business best. For example, LinkedIn is a place for businesses to meet other businesses. Whatever social network you decide to join, sign in, create a business or personal profile, and get as many followers and likes as you can via Famoid. Grow your network through excellent content. Share your videos to help solve problems, be of value to other prospective businesses, and introduce your brand.

The only cost for social media is the time which can have a large impact. Don’t take all day, every day. Schedule a specific amount of time such as one hour a day and then which days for which blogs. For example, you monitor Facebook on Monday, Twitter on Tuesday, and so forth. Use analytics to determine how your clients find you and who is visiting your site. In order to manage posts on multiple social media platforms, you should use social media tools like Kontentino. You can find a detailed comparison between Kontentino and Hootsuite here.

Social media can be your strongest advertising ally. Build relationships, provide content, and drive business to you and it doesn’t cost anything but your time. The future of social media is bigger, better and larger. Get on board now.

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