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Find Yourself a Home in the City of Noida




Noida is a well-planned city that, to be precise falls under the locality of Gautam Budh Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. It is also a well-known part of the National Capital Region (NCR) of Delhi. In recent years, Noida has developed as one of the most livable cities to live in India. With an emerging IT industry and other multiple sectors, Noida has become one of the richest rightly planned cities of India with all the modern setups and best in class facilities. Noida is the home to so many well-known organizations, establishments like the media sector, film, hospitals, etc.  So, if you are planning to move to Noida, here are our best bet for you to rent a PG in Noida without any hassle:

Sector- 62

Sector- 62 is a highly developed part of the city of Noida, as it has been highly populated for a long time. In this area, you can find a lot of decent and affordable PGs in sector 62, Noida can be found here in this area. In case, your plan is to move over along with your family, you can opt for flats as PG in Noida which can be found at good prices here in the locality. There are sufficiently enough of choices accessible for entertainment, medical purposes, education facilities, etc. When it comes to getting facilities at affordable prices with safety, then PG sector 62 Noida is one of the finest places to live in. As far as security is concerned the sectors are under CCTV surveillance which makes it safe for residents to reside in. It is well located nearby to banks, ATMs, markets, schools, hospitals, etc. It is one of the posh residential areas and the best place for families to live in. PG in Sector 62, Noida is one of the posh areas to live a comfortable life. This area provides you the best location with the best amenities like a safe place with a good number of parks with wide greenery where you can enjoy the natural surroundings. Also, you will get access to nearby shops and markets where you can enjoy a good shopping time with friends and family. Some of the other amenities offered in Noida are: 

1. Transport 

Noida provides you a varied assortment of transport amenities like metros, buses, etc. Metros are always well thought-out as the best opportunity as it is not only cheap but also convenient. Noida has excellent metro connectivity which is one of the best benefits for putting up here. Local buses are another great option to commute in a cheap and convenient way. Taxis, autorickshaws, and cycle rickshaws are also one of the dependable means of transportation here. However, if you aim at saving a chunk of money from your financial budget then your best bet is to use your own bikes and cars.

2. Food

After sorting out the rental accommodation, next comes the most significant factor i.e. Food. The most cost-effective way to save money is to cook yourself or appoint a cook. Particularly bachelors or students, they do not need to face any hassle when it comes to preparing or ordering food after a long day at work. It all basically depends on how you plan to spend your budget on food. Your monthly food expenses can be quite high, if, in case, you decide to depend on takeaway orders. 

3. Groceries

Grocery articles for day-to-day requirements are, with no trouble, accessible from neighboring grocery stores. You can also avail of all the chows delivered to your doorstep through various delivery apps that operate in the locality.

4. Utilities

Utilities mostly comprise your Electricity, Cable, DTH, Internet, etc. which is covered under the cost of living. It basically depends on your budget and routine. Services that you get totally depends upon your locality, use, and so many other factors. 

5. Shopping 

Well, this is another part of your lifestyle and varies from person to person. If you want to maintain a good budget, type of shopping especially good clothes, accessories, etc., you can just look around in Indira Market. It is one of the best places to satiate fancy shopping desires type shopping for good quality clothing articles and electronic goods. This is one of the best places to hover and access different varieties of everything. Another alike place is the Brahmaputra Market where you get good food joints, clothing articles, accessories, etc. Another fancy market place is the Jagat Farm Market which is a well-known market place for all the goods you want to buy.

6. Entertainment

Being drowned in the load work, studies, etc. we all need some kind of entertainment to let our minds relax. Noida has all the choices of entertainment such as its energetic nightlife, shopping malls, cinema halls, pubs, etc. The astonishing experience of movie watching in the multiplexes located in Noida is quite pocket-friendly. You can just relish your weekends in Noida malls for the purpose of shopping and others with a good meal at a fancy restaurant. It doesn’t finish over here, there are a lot more choices to enjoy and have exciting activities like gaming arenas, bowling alleys, and outdoor theme parks. There is a good number of museums, parks, art galleries, memorials, etc. to have fun on your weekends.

7. Kids Schooling

For families with kids, their schooling is of the major criterion that needs to be taken care of at priority. There is no shortage of well-reputed schools in the area of being so. The schools here have a clear and shared vision for their students. A conducive learning environment is what’s offered here to students with the help of skilled and supportive teachers and administration.

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