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Fashion Tips: How to Choose Earrings and Embellish Yourself for Beauty and Fashion




Of course, there are several fashion experts who can help you choose the best earrings that will look great on you. However, what if you cannot afford the time or money required to hire these experts? Well, the only option left is to DIY the style by choosing the earrings from wholesale jewelry market and embellish yourself to look awesome. To help you choose the right earrings, take your time to go through the following important and beneficial fashion tips.

  • Consider the occasion

Every occasion has certain earrings that suit them. So, if you would like to embellish yourself for beauty and fashion, think about the occasion before choosing earrings. For instance, daring and eye-catching statement earring will go well for most informal events. However, the same cannot be said of formal occasions. Classic but understated earrings will be suitable for your formal occasion while a pair of small hoop earrings will be good for a casual day at the office. Choose wisely according to the different occasions or your efforts by wearing earrings will not only be wasted but ruin your appearance as well which may render a terrible moment to you.

  • Go for earrings that accentuate your face

We have different face shapes and each shape can be perfectly accentuated with certain earrings. Cluster studs or round drops are generally good for long, narrow faces and square faces while heart-shaped faces will go well with chandeliers or teardrops. People with oval faces have cheekbones that are somehow prominent; therefore, a simple stud will be good for them. Round faces will benefit from drop earrings whereas inverted triangle faces can be flattered by chandelier and teardrop earrings.

  • Consider your outfit

When choosing your earrings, the need for you to consider your outfit can never be overemphasized. Before choosing your earrings, consider your outfit and make sure that your earrings accentuate it. Clothing store owners or your friends may offer you suggestions to you about how to match your jewelry such as fashion earrings. Afterward, you will want to visit some local wholesale earrings shops to check and select some good matches for your outfits. It is advisable for you to personally try the preferred earrings on with your desired matching outfits before purchases, so you will not be regretful in case the earrings you bought do not match the clothing. You also can pick a color or pattern from your clothing to pick complementary earrings.

  • Complement the structure of your bone

Since earrings are meant to dangle or sit close to your face, the structure of the bone around your face can determine how the earrings will look on you. If you are blessed with a large, solid bone structure, you can try out large, bold, elegant earring styles. For medium bone structure, mid-sized studs or medium-length drop earrings will look great. Individuals with small, fine bone structure will look astonishing if they adorn studs or delicate earrings.

  • Keep your earrings in line with your personal style

While you need to consider the occasion, your face structure, and outfit when choosing your earrings, you must never overlook your personal style. If you are one of those dramatic, energetic girls, geometric earrings or stunning drop-down dazzlers should be your go-to earrings. While understated earrings look good on easygoing ones, artistic ladies will look awesome when adorning drop earrings or drop in bright colors. You can try out studs or classic hoops if you are a classic lady. Delicate, minimalist earrings with muted colors will look great for romantic, feminine ladies.

In a nutshell, there are lots of things to consider when choosing earrings to embellish your fashion and beauty. However, this guideline will let you become better at choosing your earrings over time. is a world-renown wholesale bulk jewelry supplier that offers numerous styles of high fashion women earrings including statement earrings, tassel earrings, hoops and stud earrings. With over 11 years of wholesale earrings online experience, a large volume of earrings collections and premium customer service, women can always find preferred jewelry styles with JewelryBund at one-stop.

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