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Digital Experts Get Multiple Job Offers



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Digital Experts get multiple job offers.

Is it so?

Today when many of the professionals are finding it difficult to have the job of their choice, there is a section of tech professionals who have multiple job offers to choose from.

Let’s see what the CEO of Simplilearn, Krishna Kumar, has to say about this scenario.

“We have never seen such an explosion of technological positions in the marketplace. The offer-to-join ratio is extremely small”.

Despite the slowdown, companies are striving to retain skilled tech pros who have multiple job offers at a time.

And there are Enterprise Architects who are on the top of the list of professionals with various job offers.

So, the quote shows how valuable a TOGAF certification is, to make you be in the group of a handful of professionals with many job offers. Today, large-scale enterprises need a clear set of rules for organizational development in order to achieve the goals in a quick and cost-effective manner. TOGAF serves this purpose.

Let us read more about TOGAF Certification.

TOGAF Overview

Developed in 1995 by The Open Group, “The Open Group Architecture Framework” or TOGAF, is an award-winning architectural framework. It contains a set of rules regarding organizational development specifically designed to help large-scale enterprises in attaining developmental goals quickly and profitably.

The framework offers guidance to professionals on how to create, interpret, analyze, and utilize elements and that too within a single strategy. TOGAF enables simple and effective communication between the departments, and a considerable reduction in wasteful errors, all while going with a clearly defined vocabulary.

Clearly, TOGAF helps organizations in designing and creating such an infrastructure that is adapted to meet their requirements. Here, TOGAF experts are required to communicate with different departments and implement the strategy efficiently.

TOGAF Certification

The TOGAF certification, as described by The Open Group, “provides a clear path for professional development and credibility to employers”.

The TOGAF Standard is the open Enterprise Architecture standard that is used by the world’s leading organizations to enhance the efficiency of the business.

Amazing Fact

More than 87,000 Business Architects and trainers around the world have been able to demonstrate their demonstrated knowledge of the framework through the Open Group Community.

Some facts about TOGAF Certification:

  • It is used by the leading enterprises across the globe to certify a common body of knowledge regarding the methodology and framework.
  • This certification is a trusted, vendor-neutral, and portable credential that is recognized globally.
  • It proves valuable in illustrating to recruiters and peers your commitment to Enterprise Architecture (EA) as a regimen.
  • It can be an excellent career move and a foundational certification in your career as an EA or Enterprise Architect.

Reasons to get TOGAF Certified

You need potential reasons to make a move in your career. Mentioned below are some of them.

  1. Demand for Enterprise Architects is high

Today, the success of an organization depends on the integration of IT and architecture, so the companies are utilizing TOGAF to plan their enterprise architecture. Eventually, there is a high demand for EAs across the globe.

  1. Uplift your career and salary

The most important reason for making a career move is that it can help you uplift your career and salary. According to PayScale, the salary of TOGAF certified professionals is around INR 2,444, 768.

  1. A budget-friendly certification

It is a budget-friendly certification with USD 320 for the foundational level. If you want to go with both the levels, Foundation and Certified, it is comparatively lower and is around USD 495. Investing in training courses can also make it worth getting certified.

  1. Opens up new opportunities

Since the certification demonstrates standardization, large enterprises trust it. The certification illustrates that you have been trained and tested by an industry-recognized team and are acquainted with the concepts that are required in the field.

Hence, the certification opens the door to new opportunities for you to solve the problems related to enterprise management.

  1. Understand a common language

When you work as a TOGAF professional, it requires good communication. You are required to design and implement an IT environment for your company, thereby making you communicate with other professionals.

When you get certified, you learn to speak the language that is common to all professionals in your workplace. Having a common language makes collaboration easy and helps you identify business requirements better.

  1. Staged approach

There are two stages in the enterprise architecture exam- Foundation and Certified.

The staged approach makes you learn the basics first and move up to build the knowledge as you gain expertise.

  1. Demonstrate your skills

As mentioned earlier, TOGAF is recognized worldwide and is a mark of trust. When you get your skills and knowledge validated by a TOGAF certification, you earn the trust of your company.

  1. No prerequisites are there for the TOGAF Certification Course

Unlike other certification courses, TOGAF doesn’t have any prerequisites. Eventually, professionals seeking to make a career in this domain need not worry about their qualifications or experience.

Apart from the advantages of TOGAF certification mentioned above, there are many other points to consider. This certification is beneficial for enterprise architects as well as businesses. It provides a common language for all the workforce, improves efficiency, and enables them to create processes for future development.

It is beneficial for enterprise architects in the sense that it gives you networking opportunities, brushes up your managerial skills, and also enables you to meet your company’s requirements better.


The advantage of TOGAF 9 certification is that you can retake the exam within 30 days if you fail in the first attempt. To make your career future proof, take up an online training course, and prepare yourself for the exam.

The online training courses make sure that you are prepared well for the exam and make it in the very first attempt. Apart from flexible learning hours and mode of learning, doubt sessions are also carried out by industry experts to ensure complete preparation.

All you need is to enroll yourself in an online training course.

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