Dasein Summit:Let us Build a New Digital Financial Ecology Together!


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On September 5th, 2019, Shanghai’s ‘Dasein’ Summit hosted by ZB Nexus, Nova Club and FINWEX, sponsored by BenRui capital, New Power, LinkToken and Pregnancy Tracker was officially held. Guests from investment, incubation, bitcoin trading platform and digital asset issuer from the cryptocurrency industries shared their roles and values in the new financial ecology.

Ms. Aurora, vice President of ZB Group and founder of ZB Nexus, first introduced ZB.com as the sponsor, “For those of you who don’t know, ZB.com was the first platform for ETH and EOS transactions. In the early days, 50 percent of ETH transactions worldwide were done at ZB.com”, said Aurora.

This example of mutual success between trading platforms and digital issuers was repeated at ZB.com’s LaunchPad this year: the huge success of VSYS LaunchPad in March and the impressive returns to investors continue to demonstrate ZB.com’s fierce eye and rigorous criteria for screening digital assets.

After six years of operation and development, ZB group has grown into a blockchain and digital asset financial service provider covering the upstream and downstream of the industry. ZB Nexus is a blockchain research institution established under the thinking of expanding the ecosystem. ZB Nexus will conduct industry research, digital assets rating, index research and tokenomics labs, the four major product sectors as its layout, to build a comprehensive panoramic blockchain industry think-tank, and promote the implementation of Blockchain in more traditional industries. Based on ZB ecological resources, create value through research.

ZBX, also a ZB’s trading platform, told the guests more about its history of settling down in Malta. As the first country in the world to enact a blockchain regulation law, Malta is a desirable destination for crypto companies. According to ZBX.com’s CEO Mr. Jimmy, European users can now invest in digital currencies on ZBX in less than 20 seconds, leading the world in speed experience.

ZBX is one of the first compliant licensed digital asset trading platforms in Malta, providing easy access to FIAT currencies. Users can sign up for a cryptocurrency trading account and a Swiss bank account, supporting 23 different types of FIAT currency (including RMB).

‘BiJiaoYi’ platform entered the initial development stage of the project earlier and is an investment incubator in the era of digital finance. Nova Club and FINWEX are also the organizers of this 2019’s Shanghai Dasein Summit. They are the alliances and institutions that radiate the global blockchain investment and financing market with Shanghai as the coordinators.

In the scene, ShaoJianLiang, co-founder of Nova Club and a partner of BiSheng capital, also revealed the original intention of Nova Club: “the lack of standardization in the early stage of the digital financial investment industry results in many obstacles that need to be repeatedly overcome. Nova Club blockchain mainstream investment institutions alliance hopes to share experience and resources in the process of project incubation and investment, online trading platform, and landing application, so as to form a joint brand, joint investment and joint incubation.

Currently, Nova Club has 17 digital financial investment institutions, including BiSheng Capital, consensus lab, Chain Capital, QRC group, BaWei Capital, BenRui Capital, Chinese blockchain expert (CBE), LianXing Capital and Quest Capital, ShuiDi Capital, BitAsset ecological fund, Spark Capital, YiZhi Capital, KeYin Capital, MoCha Capital, JinKe Capital and imagination fund.

Compared to the traditional financial system, these digital financial incubators assume the roles of Angel, VC, and PE, while the trading platform provides a good channel for capital withdrawal. Connecting the two are quality projects: more teams are trying to integrate digital assets into every aspect of daily life, and they are key players in pushing blockchain to be applied and implemented.

However, the financing situation in 2019 is obviously not optimistic. All kinds of data show that the amount of capital for blockchain projects is decreasing, and some people find light and opportunities in the gloomy mood.

The blockchain project is now polarizing, with big, well-known projects attracting a lot of money and smaller projects struggling to raise funds, said Nova Club’s co-founder and consensus lab partner RenZheng. There is also an opportunity for a combination of a vertical area and blockchain to explode in 2019.

For example, one of the projects invited to participate in the roadshow, New Power, a project of new energy plus blockchain, has realized two scenarios: one is the chain of new energy assets, and the other is the transaction of new energy assets. NewPower platform has about 200 megawatts of new energy assets on the chain, the cumulative trading volume of more than 1 billion yuan. After purchasing energy assets on New Power platform through asset certification, all information and earnings are transparent and cannot be tampered with. The combination of solid technical background and strength with blockchain in the new energy vertical field is one of the project types worth of attention in the trend of this year and the next few years.

Almir Salimov, director of investor relations at Pregnancy Tracker, a program focused on the mother and baby market, says issuing tokens allow pregnant parents to buy, pay and incentivize in a Pregnancy Tracker ecosystem, while expectant mothers earn digital currency during Pregnancy.

Previously, it was considered to be an industry not strongly associated with blockchain. Now known as the “blockchain baby tree”, Pregnancy Tracker has 700,000 active users worldwide and has been downloaded more than five million times. Procter & Gamble, Bayer, and Coca-Cola are among its advertising partners.

Of course, there is still work to be done on the public chain to build the industry’s infrastructure, although it is drudgery. “At present, the biggest bottleneck of blockchain is that several infrastructures, such as security, transaction and intelligent contract, are still not done well. The industry has a long way to go, but in the long run, we are optimistic as a whole. As a blockchain industry fund, Fundamental Lab is also looking for good investments in the primary and secondary markets, especially in the infrastructure sector.” Fundamental Lab partner YuanHao said at the event.

We also have to mention another invited roadshow project, LinkToken, which is still putting its constant efforts into the high-performance public chain. Just past the end of August, LinkToken chain just completed the main chain development and upgrading work in advance, to achieve 3 seconds confirmed high-speed trading, support UTXO and ACCOUNT dual account model, support WASM and EVM dual virtual machine.

In July, LinkToken chain announced that it was offering 260 million chain grams in exchange for a 36% stake in ShenZhen QiXing bay yacht club.”The largest transfer of digital and physical assets in the world to date,” said Risa, CMO of Linkcloud. The whole new industry needs “water carriers” as well as “gold diggers”, as Wang MingYuan, Hicoin’s chief executive compares himself to HiCoin. If the crypto wallet service is used as the output of the overall solution, the threshold and cost of App integrated crypto wallet will be reduced, and the blockchain team will not be hired to develop the crypto wallet separately.

Chinese blockchain expert Huang LianJin said: in the initial stage of the blockchain industry, the project’s team must become the creator of the hot technology or investment. Today, Bitcoin accounts for more than 70% of the market value, which is unhealthy.

“The real bull market is when all kinds of projects are booming, and the market value of bitcoin drops to 30-40 percent. “Wang LianJin said.In a period of transition and transformation between the old and new financial systems, investment incubators, project founding teams and trading platforms all need to follow the trend of open cooperation. Although bitcoin has been around for a decade, it is still a very early industry, with full of opportunities and challenges. Today’s practitioners are still among the first to do so, with the opportunity to enjoy the huge dividends of future change.

The 2019 Shanghai Dasein Summit was co-organized by Newpower, Pregnancy Tracker, and LinkToken, with Hicoin, MaxMine and x-bbc as special supports.

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